Need help with applying for a job or internship? Get resume tips, cover letter tips, and take a look at two resume examples: example_resume, example_resume2.  You can also send a copy in advance to Dr. Toran for a free, speedy, evaluation.

Landed an interview?  Read our interview tips.

Be sure to check EES Connection  for  job and internship opportunities

No, you don’t have to have an internship to get a job, but it may open some doors.  Some of the internships involve working in environmental consulting, so be sure to take hydro and sign up for the new HAZWOPER class in the spring: Envs 3027 (not EES), which is part of our New Environmental Professional Certificate.

Which is more important, an internship or a research experience?

That is personal choice.  You get more practical experience on the job. Many internships are paid positions.

You get to know a faculty member during your research experience.  You get exposure to new techniques.  Summer research is sometimes paid, but you need to be willing to devote time and energy on your own.

You do not have to have an internship or a research experience to get a job or get into graduate school although either one can help.  But do not flit from project to project!  Showing a deep interest in one project allows you to progress to more advances tasks, which is more impressive to employers and graduate admissions committees.

Ready to ask for a letter of recommendation from a faculty member?  Give them a copy of your CV, information about your goals, and ask if they would like to meet with you.  Try asking a faculty member who has gotten to know you in class.