Doctor Furmato’s Temple Bioengineering World

Welcome aboard!

Hi! You have reached the web page of Dr. Furmato’s Temple Bioengineering. He used to dump everything in the Modules of the Canvas Learning Management System (the LMS currently used at Temple University). Sometimes, with over-lapping topics he would work with several courses. By dumping it on me, a humble website, he hopes to keep it better organized and available on a wider basis.

What you might find…

There is information about Clinical Biomechanics and Human Physiology. Also, there might be connections about Space Medicine and Cardiac Devices. Bionics and prostheses should be in here somewhere. So should Bioethics and Artificial Intelligence. Even Robotics, Biomechatronics and Hobby Electronics might be here. It is a new site and a new venue for Dr. Furmato!

If the mood strikes you, leave a comment. Keep it clean and no caviling!

My author, James A. Furmato, DPM, PhD