My Time at Temple University

April 29, 2020

As I am a first year student at Temple University, I am still trying to understand and adapt the college life. Till now I have understand that college is hard, but it is up to us to make it easier or worse. In order to do good in my classes I had to change a lot of my old habits such as the time that I have to spend on assignments and the time that I have to give to each class. I have also figured that I still need to change a lot of my habits which is going to be harder to do, such as time management. I am a person that is very bad at time management, which is why I have to suffer at the last minute in order to turn in my assignments. I know that it will take time but it will surely happen.

I have a plan set up which I need to follow in order to graduate with good grades. I have to focus more on my class. Have an agenda that I have to strictly follow. I have to take certain course that is required for my major. I have also planned that through out my journey at Temple University, I will take part in as many events as I can and be part of different community so that I can have a great college experience. Other than that I don’t really have a huge plan on my journey as I am more a believer of “Lets go with the flow”.


January 29, 2020

So for today’s Big Brother Big Sister program we went down to Downy Elementary School. This was our first interaction with our little’s this semester. This week for our fun activity with our little’s we were given a paper that had tons of skills listed. Our little and us had to cut some of the skills that we have. Then we had to make an envelope using a colored paper and had to glue the skills on it. After we were done making our envelopes with our skills, we had to show it to everyone in the class. My little didn’t like it as she didn’t want to talk in front of everyone. Even though she didn’t like it we still had to present our envelopes in front of the class. From today’s activity I got to learn more about my little skills, and few skills that she needs to improve. Overall it was a fun experience.

Creating a growth mind set

March 11, 2020

So today’s event was at Downy Elementary School as usual. Today we had to do an activity where we taught our little’s about fixed and growth mind set. We were given papers where there were different mind set. From those, we had to figure out which was fixed and which was the growth mind set. From this activity we taught them that we should have a growth mind set and how to change a fixed mind set to a growth mind set. I would say this activity was boring especially for my little as she didn’t want to do it, but I think that both me and my little have learned a lot through this activity and will apply it in future.

Building healthy peer relationship

Feburary 26, 2020

So today for our Big Brother Big Sister program, we went to Downy Elementary School where we played a fun game, Today we had to go around the room and find things from the room that we can use to survive if we were locked inside the room for days. This activity was very interesting. The little’s picked few things that were very funny and the reasons beside their picks were very interesting. This game was personally my favorite as it involved everyone and we got to no about everyone’s point of view.

Smart Goals

Feburary 12, 2020

Today we went to

Today we went to Downy Elementary school as a part of Big Brother Big Sister program where we interacted with our little. We did a fun activity where we taught our little about smart goals. We got to know more about our little and they got to know more about us from this activity. This activity was fun and my little enjoyed it a lot. From this activity I found out that she wants to become a doctor.