Food Film Friday Starts September 20!

First in an ongoing series of films relating to food..

Gleaners and I poster

Join us for our first Food Film Friday this week! 

Agnès Varda’s The Gleaners and I

NOON in Paley Library Lecture Hall, 1210 Polett Walk. Snacks available. Free and open to all!

Here and there in France, Agnès Varda has come across gleaners, forgagrers, rummagers and scavengers. Through necessity, purely by chance or out of choice these people pick up left-over items dicarded by others. Their world is a surprising one. It is a far cry from the world of yesterday’s gleaners, peasant women who rummaged for bits of wheat left after the harvest. Potatoes, apples and other discarded foodstuffs, things without owners, clocks without hands are the fare of today’s gleaners. But Agnès Varda herself is just as much a gleaner, and her documentary is subjective. There is no age limit to curiosity. Filming itself is gleaning.

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