I am a Therapeutic Recreation student at Temple University. Like many students, I was unsure what career path I would take. I started as a Biology major, however, at the end of my freshmen year I discovered Therapeutic Recreation.  I had always been interested in a profession that would help people, but wasn’t sure what field to chose. As a kid I had been intrigued by the benefits of recreation. I had volunteered with my family at a long term care home for the elderly. We helped the “recreation coordinator” with different programs. I observed how different forms of recreation really helped bring out the residents and helped bring life to the facility. Now looking back, I realized that the “recreation coordinator” was a CTRS. When I found therapeutic recreation was a profession, I was surprised that I hadn’t heard about it before. However, I am glad I declared it as my major and look forward to becoming a CTRS.

Professionally, I hope to work with the geriatrics population. I believe therapeutic recreation can help play a major role in increasing physical, emotional and social functioning in this population. This is important in helping these individuals get out of their rooms and socialize while having fun doing different activities. My dream job is to work in an long term care home for the elderly. I would love to be able to be the first CTRS the facility has and be able to set the ground work for utilizing therapeutic recreation. However, working with other CTRS’s in a similar facility would be great too.

With my talents and interests, I hope to create and implement unique programs. Through my education and my volunteer experiences in therapeutic recreation, I’m developing my skills as a therapist, particularly in learning to connect the activity to the client’s individualized treatment goals. I am planning to gain experience in working with the different aspects of the geriatrics population in order to better understand the different levels of ability of the residents as well as being able to make inclusive programs for everyone. I believe that broadening my experience in geriatrics will make me an asset as a CTRS in any long term care setting.