Reimagining the posts: Windsor Castle in Modern Times

If this is a picture of Queen Victoria, who would be one of the longest-reigning British monarchs, what ideas do you think the artist and sitters wanted to project about this queen?

Sir Edwin Landseer (1803-73) Windsor Castle in modern times; Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Victoria, Princess Royal 1841-43

Consider what the Royal Collection Trust has to say about this image and what you think the text is lacking:

We must imagine that Prince Albert, Ranger of the Great Park, has spent the day shooting and returns laden with booty – kingfisher, jay, mallard, woodcock, pheasant and ptarmigan – which he proudly, if not very probably, spreads out upon the drawing room carpet. He sits in outdoor clothing, with muddy boots, bag and powder pouch, patting his favourite dog, Eos, while Dandy Dinmont, Islay and Cairnach fuss around. The Queen welcomes her husband home by presenting him with a nosegay; their daughter plays with a dead kingfisher — a ‘Halcyon’, symbol of peace.

What has the artist communicated about the female? How is her body depicted? What gender conventions are used?

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