Final Project Blogs

This is where you will post our final projects. By doing this, you have a course-wide audience—all your peers not just me—and a platform that is often used by artists, museums and galleries. Here, for instance is an independent issues blog on gender and artist’s pay, here is a recent entry on Broad Strokes, a blog published by National Museum for Women in the Arts (and my entry) and here is one by Sotheby’s.

Please note that you will learn or use your existing skill set to embed images, caption, footnote and layout your own page so that it looks appealing for digital access.  Even though you often won’t be able to control layout if you are publishing institutionally, you have the freedom to blog on your own!

How do I insert footnotes? 

Solution 1: Type your document in Word or Google Docs and paste from there, retaining the format.

Solution 2: Use the footnote plug-in:

You will get a prompt that looks like this:




In the box, paste your properly formatted text. It will look like this:



But when you view the page, click here and you see your footnote: 1This is where the text from your properly footnote will go.


Help! I have funny foreign characters in my names! Choose the special characters “Omega” sign, see below.

When you see this screen, then choose the correct letter form!

2020 Blogs:



Cardona, Beauty trends

Carleton. American Samplers


Elliott.Adolescent Girls


Ferrara.representations of women in art


Harrod.Women in Shunga

Jean-Philippe. Black Women Portraiture


Lombardo Women.In.Cartoons

McCaffrey. Feminist Art


Mullins.Beauty standards in asian and western regions

Maisie Newman – Olympia


Stockdale – Female Self Portraiture


Samples of projects from 2019:

Anguish in Anatomy–Sample

Corporeal Vs. Cerebral–sample

 Fed from a Silver Spoon