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June 2022 Faculty Herald

Click on the image to see the digital version on the June edition or download the PDF here.

In this issue:

EDITOR’S NOTE: Faculty Herald Editor George W. Miller III spent the early days of the pandemic at the Japan Campus, watching the faculty steadily adapt to the new learning modalities.

COVER STORY: Where do we go from here? What did we learn during the pandemic and how will that translate to what we do now as we return to a more normal mode?

CAMPUS NEWS: We spoke with our students to learn how they were impacted by the pandemic and the move to online learning.

CAMPUS NEWS: We look at the fall 2022 enrollment data, and try to understand the trends going forward.

CAMPUS NEWS: There’s a good chance that your students wind up working in the gig economy. Are you properly preparing them?

FROM THE PRESIDENT: Faculty Senate President Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon says there are many things to celebrate, and more work to be done.

SULLIVAN HALL: The pandemic forced everyone to innovate and evolve, as University President Dr. Jason Wingard writes. Despite the challenges, the university community came together to overcome obstacles.

SULLIVAN HALL: We spoke with Jeremy Jordan, formerly the Senior Associate Dean of the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management, who becomes the new Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs this summer.

• FACULTY VOICES: Rebecca T. Alpert returned to the classroom after serving in administration, and she requested that she teach a few sections of Intellectual Heritage. It was transformative.

FACULTY VOICES: Seth C. Bruggeman was lucky to have a sabbatical during the first full-semester of the pandemic. He took that time to re-evaluate his teaching philosophy.

CAT NOTES: The instinct to return to pre-pandemic ideas is strong, writes Stephanie Laggini Fiore, but we’ve spent the past two years learning so much.  Rather, we should continue evolving.

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