Mighty Writers El Futuro

1 – El Futuro Volunteer Clearance Process 2018 MWEF Program Descriptions

Mighty Writers Program Descriptions – El Futuro (1025 S. 9th Street)

Academy Mighty Writers’ afterschool program. Students are asked to work on original writing projects that range in theme from narrative stories to persuasive essays to poetry. Academy runs Monday-Thursday from 3:00-5:30PM. Volunteers interested in this program serve as writing lab assistants and are asked to join us at least one day a week from 3:00-6:00 PM.

Workshops Workshops are volunteer-led writing classes, focusing on specific themes. Some of our most popular workshops include: Mighty Toddlers (ages 2-5), Comic Maddess (ages 9-12) and Sautéed Science (ages 8-11). Most workshops occur on Saturdays, between 12PM and 6PM and run for two hours at a time. Volunteers interested in workshop programming can either serve as a workshop leader, or as a workshop assistant.

Mighty Tutors We get so many calls for homework help, we developed this workshop specifically to answer the need. Mighty Tutors volunteers can expect to be paired 1:1 or in small groups with students to complete school assigned work. At MWEF, tutoring takes place on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:30PM. This is a drop-in program.

Teen Scholars Teen Scholars invites teenagers to join us for dynamic discussions and critical thinking sessions that focus on Mexican culture, Latino/a literature, current events and local community. Volunteers can expect to join in discussions and help kids communicate at the college level.

Field Trips Teachers bring students to MW sites for writing themed field trips. Like workshops, field trips feature a theme, and project. Volunteers can expect to assist the class, much like the Academy afterschool program.

Mentorships Mentors work one-on-one with students grades 4-12. Mentors can expect to meet with the same student for one 90-minute session a week for at least 6 months. Most mentorships choose a project, which can range from writing an epic dystopian novel to creating collections of rap and poetry to working on college application essays. After a short time, mentor pairs are eligible to meet off site and/or go on field trips.

Please contact Nelia Diaz, ndiaz@mightywriters.org and Mario Meza, mmeza@mightywriters.org for detailed days and times and more information.