Neta: Gain a Second Next Year

In Japan and the rest of the world, 2017 comes with a bit of extra time thanks to the leap second

Wikimedia Commons/Postelwijn

So next year instead of a leap year, we are getting a leap second, where we gain a second on the clock. This is done to keep the astronomical clock in sync with the universal atom clock, which we use now. This extra second will  be added on at 11:59pm on December 31st, 2016.  The last extra second added on was on July 1st, 2015. So I personally plan on spending the extra second catching up with the second I have missed sleeping. What about you?


Tokyo Districts: Akasaka

Akasaka-160717-5Akasaka is a one of Tokyo’s high-class districts built on the hills to the south west of the Imperial Palace. Many famous business and restaurants are have buildings in the district. The headquarters of the TBS TV (Tokyo Broadcasting System) station is also located in this district. Akasaka is also the closest commercial district to Nagatacho, the center of politics and Roppongi, one of the most popular nightlife districts in Tokyo.

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Tokyo Districts: Ueno

Ueno-160718-10Ueno is a northern district of Tokyo popular for it’s large park and museums. Besides museums, Ueno also contains art galleries and fine art universities. Outside the park, one of most notable locations is Ameyoko Shopping Street, located outside the Shinobazu exit of Ueno station. The restaurants on this street serve a variety of Japanese and western food. Other forms of entertainment, such as as Rakugo, a form of traditional Japanese storytelling can also found in the area.

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Neta: A Non-instrumental music piece

Telecom company DoCoMo turns vegetables, camera flashes, and pressed shirts into an orchestra【Video】

Telecommunication company NTT DoCoMo has put together an interesting musical ad that features the companies that DoCoMo owns in creative ways. The video features 15 companies and 80 members ranging from phones to bikes. They have labeled the piece “DoCoMo Bolero”. Rather interesting to see the methods in which the producers were able to come up with to create music.

Neta: Tea-Serving Taxis

Tokyo’s tea taxis will serve you a cold drink while giving you a lift this summer

Suntory (edited by Rocketnews24)

Taxi company Nihon Kotsu has teamed up with beverage company Suntory to serve Suntory’s lemon green tea while they taxi the customer around for the summer. Taxis with this special option will have a special paint job. You can flag a taxi down or use a special app located here. You also get some souvenirs as well.

from Suntory