Nice to Meet You!

About Me

Hey! Hope you’re having a great day, I’m Erik. I hail from Levittown, Pennsylvania, where I have lived my entire life up to this point, although I am interested in branching out to new areas! My interests include spending time with friends and family (who doesn’t?), sports, and on occasion, video games and eSports. All of these interests combined have molded me into someone who loves friendly competition, trying to make a contest out of anything I can. It makes mundane tasks and life as a whole more enjoyable, because we’re on this planet to have fun!

I placed myself in the realm of sport and recreation because I strive to work in fields in which I am passionate, so I can produce my best work on a daily basis and have a great time doing so. Helping people and staying active is a joy of mine, so the hands-on aspects of this industry will keep me on edge and excited to work every day.

Enjoy your time on my website, and I hope to hear from you soon!