Project Muse Content Update

The following 11 new journals went online between September 2008 – January 2009:
* Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture
Publisher: University of Hawai’i Press
* Arctic Anthropology
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press:
* Bookbird: A Journal of International Children’s Literature
Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
* Caribbean Studies
Publisher: Institute of Caribbean Studies
* Dissent
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
* Future Anterior
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press
* Nuevo Texto Crítico
Publisher: Nuevo Texto Crítico
* Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Perspectives
Publisher: Indiana University Press
* Southeast Asian Affairs
Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
* Studies in the Novel
Publisher: University of North Texas
* Textual Cultures: Texts, Contexts, Interpretation
Publisher: Indiana University Press:

ARTstor Update 3/6/09

Now Available: Works from Eugene James Martin
Approximately 200 images of works by African-American artist Eugene James Martin are now available in the ARTstor Digital Library. [more info]
New feature: Associated Image clusters
You will now find two new icons in ARTstor’s online environment that are intended to enhance discovery and use of images in our collections. [more info]

Pamphlet collections from leading UK libraries to be released in JSTOR

Pamphlet collections from leading UK libraries to be released in JSTOR
We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of more than 20,000 19th Century British pamphlets into the JSTOR archive. This collection of materials was created by RLUK (Research Libraries UK) with funding from the JISC Digitisation Programme to provide researchers with online access to some of the most significant collections of pamphlets held in UK institutions. The pamphlets are from collections held by: University of Newcastle, Durham University, University of Manchester, University College London, University of Liverpool, London School of Economics and Political Science, and University of Bristol.
Free Access until June 30, 2009
The first set of approximately 8,000 pamphlets will be available at the end of January 2009, followed by regular releases of additional material. They will be freely accessible to all JSTOR participating institutions through June 30, 2009 as we work to evaluate delivery, presentation, and use of the content, and develop an understanding of how best to address the needs of researchers and students working with it.
Preview the Interface Changes
The addition of the pamphlets will introduce a new content format into JSTOR. Consequently, we are adjusting the language on the website to more accurately reflect the expanding types of content held in JSTOR. These changes will take place at the end of January in conjunction with the availability of the pamphlet content. Please see the JSTOR Sandbox for a short video and presentations that explain the changes.
Pamphlets were an important means of public debate in the 19th century, covering the key political, social, technological, and environmental issues of their day. They are a valuable primary resource relevant to a wide range of disciplines. They have been underutilized within research and teaching because they are generally quite difficult to access – often bound together in large numbers or otherwise hard to find in the few research libraries that hold them. The digitization of more than 20,000 pamphlets will provide researchers, students, and teachers with an immensely rich and coherent corpus of primary sources with which to study the socio-political and economic landscape of 19th century Britain.

  • Pamphlets by and about: Charles Babbage, W.E. Gladstone, Florence Nightingale, Charles Bradlaugh, Joseph Hume, Thomas Paine, John Bright, John Stuart Mill, Robert Peel
  • Valuable content inside and appended to pamphlets: Advertisements, diagrams and maps, petitions, annotations, engravings, portraits, cartoons, letters
  • 7 Collections represented, including Selections from the London School of Economics and Political Science, the Earl Grey Pamphlets Collection, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Collection

Download an informational PDF handout about the 19th Century British Pamphlets.
JSTOR is adding primary sources to the archive, widening the scope of content available to support research and teaching and providing additional building blocks for new scholarship. We aim to help the community save on system-wide costs by providing a common platform to disseminate and preserve a wide array of digitized materials and to enhance the value of digital collections by placing them in a broader intellectual context for discovery and use.

ARTstor Update

More images from the Contemporary Art (Larry Qualls Archive) available in ARTstor
More than 13,600 additional images from Larry Qualls’ archive of contemporary art are now available in the ARTstor Digital Library. ARTstor is digitizing more than 100,000 images from Qualls’ archive, documenting three decades of contemporary art exhibitions at galleries and other exhibition spaces throughout New York City and elsewhere.
Additional images from the Art, Archaeology, and Architecture (Erich Lessing Culture and Fine Arts Archives)
An additional 2,125 images are now available in ARTstor from the Erich Lessing Culture and Fine Arts Archive. This latest release focuses on Ancient Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman art, as well as Early Christian and Byzantine art.
More images from the Art, Archaeology, and Architecture (Canyonlights World Art Image Bank) collection
Approximately 1,850 images from Canyonlights World Art Image Bank are now available to ARTstor users. These images focus on Classical architecture and archeological sites in Greece, Italy, and Turkey.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Updated

Java-based structure searching is now available in the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. In addition, the following new tables have been added:

  • Energy Content of Fuels
  • Global Warming Potential of Greenhouse Gases
  • Weather-Related Scales
  • Index of Refraction of Gases
  • Molecular Internal Rotation
  • Atomic Radii of Elements
  • Composition and Properties of Various Natural Oils and Fats
  • Melting Curve of Mercury
  • Properties of Gas Clathrate Hydrates
  • Enthalpy of Hydration of Gases
  • Properties of Graphite and Nanotubes

Literature Online Update

LION has added 5 new full-text titles: The Comparatist, New Coin, Shakespeare in Southern Africa, Theory & Event and William Carlos Williams Review. 15 new or revised biographies, including biographies for Kingsley Amis, Ted Kooser, Louis MacNeice, Alberto Rios, Theodore Roethke, Anne Stevenson, James Tate and Dean Young have also been added.

Cross-Search EEBO and ECCO

Proquest and Gale have made an arrangement whereby users searching EEBO can now specify on the search screen that ECCO records also be returned. This feature has been in place for a number of months now, but although EEBO would successfully return results from ECCO, linking through to the full-image within ECCO would fail. Today Gale implemented a fix for us that has solved that problem.