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ABI/INFORM latest editorial enhancements

The ABI/INFORM databases have begun using new Article Types and a new indexing field this year, with articles retrospectively indexed to capture this information going back several years.

The new article type Market Research highlights the depth of material in ABI/INFORM Global providing data-rich information about diverse industries and markets, in publications ranging from Advertising Age and Brandweek to Journal of Advertising and Journal of Consumer Behaviour.

In conjunction with Market Research as an article type, we have added a Market Segment field, where we index market segments such as African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Baby boomers, Children, Generation X, Generation Y (Millennials), Older people, Young adults, and Men and Women. Using this indexing, you can find academic articles about market segmentation or practical articles about how to target a particular segment.

Other new article types are Business Case, used to index business school case collections and journals such as Journal of the International Academy of Case Studies, and Case Study, providing a way to search for academic case studies in disciplines ranging from information science to mathematics to economic theory. The Literature Review article type is used to indicate that the author of an article has included a review of the literature in the course of his or her research.

ProQuest Partners with the Social Science Research Network to Provide Pre-Publication Access to Cutting Edge Research

Researchers now have centralized access to the latest information on cutting edge social science and business trends together with a powerful research database. The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) encourages the early distribution of research results by publishing drafts (working papers) of top quality research papers from around the world. Over 23,000 SSRN working papers are now available through ProQuest’s ABI/INFORM, Accounting & Tax with Standards, ProQuest Entrepreneurship and ProQuest Central.

SSRN working papers add cutting edge research information on key trends in the fields of management, economics, finance and accounting months for years before they appear in published journals. Because working papers are not limited in size or edited to meet publication requirements, researchers can access all the vital information found in an author’s original work.

Researchers can cross-search this information simultaneously with the thousands of full-text publications and full-text business dissertations already found in ABI/INFORM, Accounting & Tax with Standards, ProQuest Entrepreneurship and ProQuest Central.

Additions to the ProQuest collection of the SSRN working papers will be made periodically (between 8,000 to 12,000 papers will be added each year).


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