Streaming audio collection of Haya ballads added to Black Short Fiction and Folklore

Alexander Street Press has just announced new linking to a streaming audio collection of Haya ballads in Black Short Fiction and Folklore. Click here for more information and to listen to this collection, entitled Performed Words: Ballads and Folktales of Tanzania’s Haya People.

Performed Words is a multimedia resource that uses Synchrotext technology to stream audio recordings of Haya balladry and folktales simultaneously with their English-language transcriptions. The site contains 10 ballads and 36 folktales.

Synchrotext is an annotated media viewer that displays synchronized media with text. It provides real-time, English-language transcription of each Haya ballad and folktale in the collection on your computer screen as you listen to the corresponding audio track. In addition, you can create your own notes and annotations within the Synchrotext interface and then share your findings with others. Synchrotext is
made available to Black Short Fiction and Folklore subscribers through the through a collaboration of Alexander Street Press and Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.


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