NASP 2017

We are back and happy to say that NASP was wonderful this year! We again had three different posters and one paper presentation come out of the lab, so we are immensely proud of all of our members! We have a few photos to share of the event and are already beginning the planning phase for NASP 2018 submissions!

NASP Presentations

We are happy to officially announce that all FIVE of our proposals for the NASP annual conference were accepted! We are so proud of our members and are ecstatic to be sharing some of the outcomes of our research with others. NASP this year will be in San Antonio, TX, and we will be releasing more information on the scheduling for our posters and paper when they are available. Congratulations again to all of our amazing authors!

Paper presentations:

  • Teacher Stress Influences Student Success: Implications for Teacher Wellbeing – Shannon, Ariel

Poster presentations:

  • The Changing Construct of Test Anxiety in a High-Stakes Era – Dane, James
  • Improving Efficiency and Accuracy of Universal Screening: A Training Model – Mel, Tera, Shana, Annabelle
  • Measuring Teacher Wellness: Validity and Application of the TSWQ – Ariel, Stephanie, Krista, Shelby
  • Teacher Stress Interventions Promote Student Success: A Systematic Review – Shannon, Shelby, Tera, Annabelle

Welcome Back

It’s been a little since we’ve last posted, but we’ve had a lot going on and will be updating with lots of exciting news this month! We’re ecstatic to be back and even busier than we were before with new projects that are taking off quickly.

Most importantly, we have changed our lab name! We will now be the RAISE Lab, which stands for Research on Assessment and Intervention to Support Equity, and will now be referred to as such. We also have new members to officially welcome: Shana, Tera, and Annabelle have all joined us and we are so excited to have them on our team. Learn more about them on our Meet the Lab Members page! With additions, we also have members leaving to start their next chapters and we wish them all the best!

We will be posting more on our accepted NASP proposals and our exciting teacher training program in the upcoming weeks, so make sure to keep an eye out for those posts!

Some Good Press

Just this past Thursday we found out that the Delaware County News Network published a great article about one of our school research partners! Definitely take a second to give it a look with the image below or the link HERE. We’re proud, excited, and already looking forward to what will come next!


A Few Announcements

We’ve had a lot going on here in the lab, so we’ve got a couple of updates for everyone! One of our most exciting is that our undergraduate researchers will all be presenting at Temple’s undergraduate research symposium (TURF-CreWS)! This is an all-day event showing off the best of undergraduate research here at Temple next Thursday, the 14th, in the Howard Gittis Student Center. Below we have the different projects that our members have contributed with the location and date if you’d like to go see! We’re all incredibly proud of the work that our members have done and can’t wait to see what they do next.

The Era of Test-based Accountability: Teacher Stress and Fear Appeals – Shelby Schwing, Krista Olson. Poster presentation, 12:30 – 1:50pm, room 200C

A Meta-Analytic Review of Test Anxiety: A 28-Year Analysis – James Post. Paper presentation, 2:00 – 3:20pm, room 217D

We’re also excited to announce that the Equity and Outcomes Lab will be tabling at the undergraduate Psychology Majors Association’s networking and research lab fair tomorrow, the 7th! The event is from 6 – 8pm on the 6th floor of Weiss Hall and will feature both labs from Temple and employers from outside it. We’ll be providing application information as we search for some new members then. Be sure to stop by if you’re curious or have any questions!

There will be plenty of pictures and more announcements coming up in the following weeks, so make sure to look forward to it!


NASP Adventures

We’re back from NASP and everyone who went had an amazing experience. All the posters and sessions we participated in went very well and we’ve got a few pictures here to reminisce! Our members have done some really incredible work and we’re so proud of what they’ve accomplished.

IMG_0637 IMG_0658 IMG_0659

Welcome Back!

We hope that everyone has had a great start to the new semester and are keeping warm! We’ve been busy and have undergone some changes here at the Equity and Outcomes lab, but we’re excited to be wrapping up a few of our projects and moving on to new territory. With the change of semester, we’re sad to say goodbye to some old members, though we wish them the best in their pursuits, and are happy to welcome a new member into our group! A Contact Us page has also been added to the website with the email and phone number of our lab advisor if you have any questions about what we’re doing or have general inquiries for the lab.

Another project that has been a huge focus for us is the NASP annual convention, which is quickly coming up on February 10-13 in New Orleans. We have all the sessions that our members will be participating in listed under the Our Presentations tab, including dates and times so that you can check them out if you’ll be there! Our members have worked incredibly hard in preparing for this, and we are so proud of what they’ve accomplished. We’ll be sure to have some great pictures once they’re back!

Our lab meetings are in full swing as we start to finish up our international data collection and test anxiety meta-analysis projects that have been worked on for quite a while, and we can’t wait to update with what we’ll be doing next!

School Psych Awareness Week

Happy School Psychology Awareness Week to everyone!!

First things first, we’ve received the dates and times for when our members are presenting at NASP’s annual conference. If you’re planning on attending, make sure to check them out!

February 11th, 8:00 am – 9:30 amA Meta-Analytic Review of Test Anxiety Predictors, Mediators, and Outcomes (Dane)

February 13th, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm: Influence of School Climate on Teacher Stress and Self-Efficacy (Ariel) AND Teacher Stress, Turnover, and Accountability (Shannon)

For a more local event, the Temple Association of School Psychologists is hosting a research social this Wednesday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm in Ritter Hall 201 in honor of School Psychology Awareness Week. Students from the program will be talking about the many roles of a school psychologist, presenting their research from conferences and explaining what it means for the field, and will provide drinks and snacks! It’s sure to be a great time, so stop by if you’re free!


Exciting News!

We have some really cool news about some of our members to share today! From our research team, there were three proposals sent to the NASP annual conference, and we’ve found out that all three were accepted! The titles and authors are as follows:

  • A Meta-Analytic Review of Test Anxiety Predictors, Mediators, and Outcomes – Dane, Devlina, and James
  • Teacher Stress, Turnover, and Accountability – Shannon, Jenna, Ariel, and Shelby
  • Influence of School Climate on Teacher Stress and Self-Efficacy – Ariel, Melissa M, Shannon, and Stephanie

Our other bit of news is that one of our members, Melissa Morrison, has had her research featured in the Leaders in Care magazine! We have a bio and link for everyone to check out:

  • Doctoral student Melissa Morrison’s research on helping children with spinal cord injuries was recently featured in the national edition of Leaders in Care magazine. Shriners Hospital is one of the largest pediatric health care systems in the world dedicated to improving the lives of children with injuries. Check her great work on page 6!
  • Leaders in Care, Fall 2015

Congratulations to everyone for their hard work and achievements!

Revised Meeting Schedule

Just to recap what we went over at the lab meeting, we’ll be switching to a largely bi-weekly schedule in order to give everyone a little more flexibility. Our meeting dates are now as follows: 9/16, 9/30, 10/14, 10/28, 11/11, and 11/18. During off-weeks, it’s encouraged to come check-in with Nate in his office (so long as the door is open) when you have a spare moment if you have questions or are leading a project. 10/7 won’t be a formal lab meeting, but will instead be the video call with Manchester.

On a last note, our new group picture looks great everyone!

Group Picture