Undergraduate Research

The Environmental Science program provides ample undergraduate research opportunities and students are encouraged to participate in research. The research experiences are facilitated via individual research labs or via existing CST undergraduate research programs.

Some resources:


Recent student research projects (and mentors):

  • Rebecca Bertel, (Sujith Ravi) The extent of vegetation-driven panel cooling and consequent increase in electricity generation from solar PV sites depend on climate and soil properties.
  • Elizabeth Towner, (Sujith Ravi) Managed sheep grazing can improve soil quality and carbon sequestration at solar photovoltaic sites
  • Benjamin Burch, (Bojeong Kim) Investigating the Effectiveness of Small Unilamellar Vesicle Lipids in Removing Organic Pollutants from Soil
  • Ethan Koza, (Sujith Ravi), Cost effective environmental sensors for science outreach and citizen science
  • Isabella Smith, (Matt Helmus), Invasive species
  • Kate Lyons, (Laura Toran) Nutrient and sediment concentrations in urban storm basin runoff: understanding green stormwater infrastructure efficiency
  • Daniel Turner, (Jocelyn Behm) Analysis of the strength of biocontrol by natural predators across urban land cover types
  • Rachel Crowley (Laura Toran) Stormwater response in karst springs
  • Rosa Peronace, (Sujith Ravi)¬†Effect of compaction on the hydrologic properties of biochar-amended soils
  • Rachel Lewandowski, (Jocelyn Behm)
  • Madison Schwaab (Eric Cordes) Marine biology
  • Jessica Hart (Rachel Spigler) Pollen limitation in populations of a native wildflower across fragmented serpentine grasslands