Recent student research projects (and mentors):

  • Daniel Turner, (Jocelyn Behm) Analysis of the strength of biocontrol by natural predators across urban land cover types
  • Rachel Crowley (Laura Toran) Stormwater response in karst springs
  • Branimir Trifunovic (Sujith Ravi): Impact of biochar amendment on soil hydrologic properties
  • Madison Schwaab (Eric Cordes) Marine biology
  • Jessica Hart (Rachel Spigler) Pollen limitation in populations of a native wildflower across fragmented serpentine grasslands
  • Alice Puchalsky (Brent Sewall) Sleep patterns of bats affected by white nose bat syndrome

Fall 2016

  • New faculty this fall:  Biology welcomes Matthew Helmus who has research interests in quantitative ecology, global change biology, biodiversity science
  • The Earth and Environmental Science department received an NSF Geopath grant to enhance student preparation for the workforce.  Look for upcoming news this coming year on internships and coursework related to the program.

Fall 2015

  • New faculty this fall:  Biology added faculty in the genomics area (David Liberles) and Geology added two new faculty, Steven Chemtob who studies weathering and Atsu Muto who studies glaciology.
  • Amy Freestone launching a new NSF-funded international research project called BioVision: Biogeographic Variation in Interaction Strength and Invasions at the Ocean’s Nearshore.
  • Brent Sewall is conducting ecosystem monitoring at the Ft Indiantown Gap Military Base in PA.
  • Laura Toran launched three undergraduate student projects this past summer, including monitoring urban riparian zones.
  • Be sure to check changes in the undergraduate bulletin for the major: Bio2227 Ecology no longer requires Bio2112 and Organic Chemistry as pre-reqs.  You still have to take the classes as part of the major, but you can take Ecology sooner in your list of courses.

Spring 2015

  • Congratulations to Kevin Carpenter who won the Library Sustainability Prize for his research paper in senior seminar.
  • Stuart Olshevski won the outstanding senior award. See a list of past winners.

Fall 2014

  • Both Biology and Geology are hiring in the environmental science area: new faculty include Rachel Spigler, evolutionary ecology, Bojeong Kim, nanogeoscience, and Sujith Ravi, ecohydrology.
  • Amy Freestone and Brent Sewall are conducting research on ecology and conservation of tropical forests with an NSF grant.
  • Erik Cordes led a team including Bob Sanders aboard the R/V Atlantis for a voyage in the Gulf of Mexico to investigate effects of ocean acidification and oil on cold-water (and typically deep-sea) corals.
  • Laura Toran is co-PI on an EPA grant and a William Penn foundation grant to study stormwater infrastructure. Quantifying effects in the Delaware River basin and in urban settings is the focus of these two research projects.

Spring 2014