Faculty teaching in the Environmental Sciences B.S. program come from a variety of departments and colleges, so this is not a complete list of those involved in the program. Listed here are faculty who work with undergraduate and graduate students on environmental science research. Check the course listings for a complete list of teaching faculty. If you are interested in research, you should sign up for a course from a faculty member, get to know them and the subject matter, then express your interest in specific research topics.



Earth and Environmental Science

Dr. Ilya Buynevich, Coastal geomorphology
Dr. Steven Chemtob, Geochemistry and weathering
Dr. David Grandstaff, Geochemistry
Dr. Bojeong Kim, Nanogeoscience
Dr. Jonathan Nyquist, Environmental geophysics
Dr. Sujith Ravi, Ecohydrology
Dr. Laura Toran, Groundwater and urban hydrology


Dr. Joceyln Behm Conservation biology
Dr. Erik Cordes, Deep-sea ecology
Dr. Amy Freestone, Community ecology & biodiversity
Dr. Matthew Helmus Biodiversity, Informatics, Global change
Dr. Tonia Hsieh, Biomechanics and evolutionary morphology 
Dr. Rob Kulathinal, Evolutionary genetics
Dr. Brent Sewall, Conservation biology & community ecology
Dr. Robert Sanders, Aquatic ecology
Dr. Rachel Spigler, Evolutionary Biology


Dr. Eric Borguet, Interfacial phenomena
Dr. Daniel Strongin, Surface chemistry of minerals

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Although there are no required courses in engineering in the major, there are several faculty working on environmental research who may be additional resources on careers and internships. Among them are:

Dr. Rominder Suri
Dr. Erica McKenzie
Dr. Robert Ryan

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