New vs Old Math Requirements

The Environmental Sciences program has always required three quantitative analysis courses.  This requirement continues with the addition of the new course in the math department, Math 1044 Probability and Statistics for the Life Sciences.  This course offers some additional Calculus, plus a statistics course based on applications in the life sciences.  The course overlaps considerably with the previous stat requirement Math 2031.  Thus, the older stat class is no longer a course option.  Below is a comparison of the old and new math requirements.  The course EES 2051 will be offered starting in Fall 2017.  It can be taken before or after the math courses. EES 2051 is not a substitute for the old statistics requirement.

Math 1041 Calculus I Math 1041 Calculus I
Math 1042 Calculus II EES 2051 Quantitative methods,  Math 1042 Calculus II,   Bio 3312 Biostatistics
Statistics class: Math 2031 or Bio 3312


Math 1044 Probability and Statistics for Life Science