In addition to the required courses and their prerequisites, B.S. majors must take six (6) courses from the list of approved electives. Four of these courses must be Natural Science (NS) courses and of these two must be from the same department. One of the electives must be a Social Science/Policy (SSH) elective course. One elective can be from any category: NS, SSH, or Topics. Please note that your electives can be taken prior to the fourth year as long as you have successfully completed the pre- and co-requisites.

View the list of NS electives offered for the upcoming semester.

(W) indicates a writing intensive course
(F) indicates a class only offered in the Fall semester
(S) indicates a class only offered in the Spring semester

Natural Sciences

(NS) Biology 2241 Invertebrate Biology (S)
(NS) Biology 3114 Evolutionary Ecology (F)
(NS) Biology 3225 Evolutionary Genetics (S) (3201 pre-req not in major)
(NS) Biology 3224 Experimental Marine Biology (SS)
(NS) Biology 3245 Marine Ecology (F)
(NS) Biology 3254 Animal Behavior (S)
(NS) Biology 3275 Ecology of Invasive Species (F)
(NS) Biology 3307 Conservation Biology (F)
(NS) Biology 3311 Herpetology (S)
(NS) Biology 3316 Tropical Marine Biology: Coral Reef Biology in Tropical Belize (F odd years)
(NS) Biology 3321 Plant Community Ecology (F)
(NS) Biology 3336 Freshwater Ecology (F even years)
(NS) Biology 4327 Biological Impacts of Global Climate Change (F)
(NS) Botany 1112 Plant Ecology (S)
(NS) Earth and Environmental Science 2096 Climate Change: Oceans to Atmosphere (S) (W)
(NS) Earth and Environmental Science 2021 Sedimentary Environments (formerly Facies Models)
(NS) Earth and Environmental Science 2061 Introduction to Geochemistry (S)
(NS) Earth and Environmental Science 2065 Nanogeoscience and Technology (F)
(NS) Earth and Environmental Science 2097 Process Geomorphology (F) (W)
(NS) Earth and Environmental Science 3021 Groundwater Hydrology (S)
Previously called Intro to Hydrology. Elective if taken AFTER 3025 Physical Hydrology
(NS) Earth and Environmental Science 3025 Physical Hydrology (F) Elective if taken AFTER 3021 Groundwater Hydrology
(NS) Earth and Environmental Science 3042 Coastal Processes (S)
(NS) Horticulture 2114 Soils (S)
(NS) Landscape Architecture 2758 Summer Field Ecology(SSI)
(NS) Physics 1061 or Physics 2021 or Physics 2921 Elementary Classical Physics or General Physics, or Honors General Physics

Social Science/Policy (SSH)
Check course catalog for semester offered and any pre-reqs

(SSH) Community & Regional Planning 2114 Urban Form and Design
(SSH) Community & Regional Planning 2213 Environmental Planning
(SSH) Community & Regional Planning 2251 Sustainable Food Systems Planning
(SSH) Community & Regional Planning 3255 Sustainability in Suburban Communities
(SSH) Community & Regional Planning 3256 Sustainable Community Design and Development
(SSH) Economics 1101 Macro Economics
(SSH) Economics 3512 Public Finance
(SSH) Economics 3513 Economics of State & Local Government
(SSH) Envt. Engineering Tech. 4761 Environmental Regulations
(SSH) Environmental Studies 3025 Environmental Law and Regulation
(SSH) Envt. St./Geography & Urban St. 3052 Environmental Problems in Asia
(SSH) Envt. St./Geography & Urban St. 2051 The Urban Environment
(SSH) Envt. St. 3004 Geography of Natural Resources
(SSH) Envt. St./Geography & Urban St. 3051 Environmental Policy Issues
(SSH) Envt. St./Geography & Urban St. 3054 Energy, Resources, and Conservation
(SSH) Envt. St./Geography & Urban St. 3097 Environment and Development
(SSH) Envt. St./Geography & Urban St. 3314 Food Studies: A Geographical Perspective
(SSH) Envt. St./Geography & Urban St. 3015 The Geographic Basis of Land Use Planning
(SSH) Envt. St./Geography & Urban St. 3055 Geography of Hazards
(SSH) Envt. St./Geography & Urban St. 3056 Political Ecology
(SSH) Envt. St./Geography & Urban St. 4065 Urban Geographic Information Systems
(SSH) Envt. St./Geography & Urban St. 4066 Environmental GIS
(SSH) Envt. St./Geography & Urban St. 3071 Medical Geography
(SSH) Envt. St./Geography & Urban St. 2096 (W) Problems of Environmental Quality
(SSH) Envt. St./History 3214 North American Environmental History
(SSH) Envt. St./History 4297 Social History of American Medicine
(SSH) Envt. St./Philosophy 2157 Environmental Ethics
(SSH) Envt. St./Philosophy 2596 (W) Philosophical Perspectives on the Environment
(SSH) Envt. St./Political Science 3152 U.S. Environmental Policy
(SSH) Envt. St./Political Science 3265 International Environmental Policy
(SSH) Envt. St./Religion 3001 Earth Ethics
(SSH) Public Health 2102 Environmental Health (this course has a pre-req but it may be waived for non-majors)
(SSH) Envt. St./Sociology 3511 Environmental Sociology

Topics (an elective that doesn’t count toward NS or Policy)

Environmental Sciences 3000  Special Topics
Environmental Sciences 4082 Independent Study
Environmental Sciences 4085 Internship
Environmental Studies 3000 Special Topics
Environmental Studies 4896 Environmental Physiology
Horticulture 2334 Food Crops I
Horticulture 2353 Food Crops II
Horticulture 3514 Landscape Restoration