Classes for the upcoming semester

Here is a list of NS electives plus a few required classes offered Spring 2022.

Please check the timings for spring



BIO 2241 Invertebrate Biology MWF

BIO 3254 Animal Behavior MWF


Can list the Contemporary Biology course but be sure to get the RIGHT SECTION.  There are several sections


BIOL 3337: Comparative Biomechanics ,

BIOL 3380: Contemporary Biology section for the field course called “Disturbance Ecology”,

BIOL 2241: Invertebrate Biology

BIOL 3323: Global Change Science (R programming), will be an elective for ES majors

EES 2096 Climate Change

EES 2002 Energy & Environment

EES2021 Sedimentary Environments

EES 2061 Introduction to Geochemistry

EES 3042 Coastal Process  & Geomorphology

EES 3021 Groundwater Hydrology (if taken after Physical Hydrology an elective, if first hydrology course, then required)


EES 3015; Drone Short Course (not offered regularly)

EES 0827: Hidden figures to Gamergate: Race and Gender in STEM (OLL), satisfies general education race and diversity requirement.




FOR THE CERTIFICATE (Not an elective in the major)

ENVS 3027 Hazwoper and the regulatory environment (Only offered in the Spring)







If you see any mistakes in this list, please contact Sujith Ravi.