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This is the site for students interested in the B.S. in Environmental Science. The Environmental Science BS is an interdisciplinary degree program that provides the student with a very well-rounded background in the sciences. Students complete a sequence of courses in biology, geology, chemistry, and mathematics and combine this with classes from geography and economics in order to gain an understanding of the nature of environmental problems and the socioeconomic factors that influence them. The capstone for this major is the Senior Research Seminar in which students gain experience with studying actual environmental issues and methodologies to resolve them. Temple offers undergraduate degrees in both Environmental Science (B.S.) in the College of Science and Technology and Environmental Studies (B.A) in the College of Liberal Arts. To find out about the differences between the B.A. and B.S. degrees, check the FAQ tab.

News and Announcements:

  • Both Biology and Geology are hiring in the environmental science area: new faculty include Rachel Spigler, evolutionary ecology, Bojeong Kim, nanogeoscience, and Sujith Ravi, ecohydrology.
  • Amy Freestone and Brent Sewall are conducting research on ecology and conservation of tropical forests with an NSF grant.
  • Erik Cordes lead a team including Bob Sanders aboard the R/V Atlantis for a voyage in the Gulf of Mexico to investigate effects of ocean acidification and oil on cold-water (and typically deep-sea) corals.
  • Laura Toran is co-PI on an EPA grant and a William Penn foundation grant to study stormwater infrastructure. Quantifying effects in the Delaware River basin and in urban settings is the focus of these two research projects.
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