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Software Developer Intern (Fabspeed Motorsport, Dec 2021—Jan 2022)

  • Created professional website using WordPress, WooCommerce, and Elementor, maintaining responsiveness and good SEO practices throughout the website
  • Performed bulk edits to BigCommerce products and categories using Microsoft Excel
  • Integrated Zapier to automate tasks for BigCommerce and Odoo CRM
  • Performed remote executions on Odoo database via Python XMLRPC API calls
  • Scraped Facebook Reviews with Phantombuster to perform data cleaning, textual analysis, and feature extraction using Python and Pandas
  • Worked on adding Google authentication feature for BigCommerce website, involving JavaScript, Sass, HTML, Node.js, and serverless functions

Android Application Developer (Self-Employed, August 2019—Present)

  • Developed, published, and maintained Android apps on Google Play Store with over 5000 downloads using Flutter and Dart
  • Tested apps for quality assurance and user experience by using assert statements and through personal trial and error for app usability
  • Used SEO best practices to optimize Google Play search ranking by using keywords, detailed descriptions, and created effective graphics using GIMP and Gravit Designer
  • Used third-party REST API to fetch JSON data remotely via Dart’s http package and parse and display data asynchronously using Futures according to user filters and preferences

VR Studio Technician (Temple University Charles Library, August 2019—Present)

  • Maintained Windows PC/VR equipment (Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive Cosmos, Valve Index) and troubleshooted software and hardware issues
  • Guided and introduced patrons to virtual reality experiences

TECH Center Associate (Temple University, August 2020—July 2021)

  • Maintained the TECH Center’s printing room, computer lab, and breakout rooms


Software development concepts

  • Familiar with data structures such as HashMap, List, Array, Stack, Queue, Tree, Heap
  • Familiar with algorithm time/space complexity and algorithm optimization
  • Comfortable with the terminal and familiar with Linux/shell commands
  • Familiar with version control systems Git and GitHub
  • Familiar with backend development using Spring Boot, PostgreSQL and Heroku
  • Familiar with data analysis and visualization in Python using NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib

Programming languages, frameworks, and environments

  • Java, Dart, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Julia, C#
  • Flutter, Spring Boot, Next.js, Express.js, .NET
  • Jupyter Notebook, VS Code, Android Studio, Unity 3D, Vim, Emacs, Node.js, React.js


B.S. Data Science  Temple University – May 2023 – GPA 3.7