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About Me

Hello! My name is Emily Loehmer. I am a sophomore at Temple University this year, and I am studying Secondary Education and Social Studies. Upon graduation, I intent to obtain a position teaching modern American history to high school students in the Philadelphia area. This website was created with the intention of beginning a long lasting in depth look at what history is, what its relevancy is, and how it continues to shape us in our everyday lives.


It’s important to me that I explain what drew me to Social Studies as my concentration for teaching. History and its many working parts — politics, geography, sociology, et — caught my attention most directly in my senior year English class as we read and discussed George Orwell’s 1984.

This book inspired a new understanding of how history and historical context, the freedom to explore why we exist the way they we do, is what led to my growing interesting in history. It was exciting to contemplate, how powerful an understanding of the past is.


I have wanted to pursue a career in teaching since I was young. Linked below I have included an essay I wrote about the important qualities I believe every outstanding teacher needs.

What the purpose of this website is…

In every additional post, the intent of the website is to cover different aspects of history. This will be done by expanding on topics as we question their:

  • What key questions drive the research
  • What factors influence perspective
  • What is the key point being made
  • How do the events impact how we understand our own moment in time.