The Emerging STEM Scholars Program is open to students majoring in Biology, Biochemistry or Chemistry. Over the four years of a scholar’s university career, this program will provide academic and financial support to the student.

Starting the student’s freshman year, the program:
  1. Connects students in a science-based learning community.
  2. Gives opportunties to get involved in a research lab early in your college career.
  3. Provides three tiered mentoring- you will be connected with your undergraduate peers, graduate students, and faculty.
  4. Provides access to industry scientists and science career advice and information.
  5. Provides opportunities for industry-based internships.
  6. Supports developing academic skills through weekly seminars.
  7. Provides financial support for as long as you are enrolled in the program.

Three factors operate to strengthen the project’s impact.

The first is TU’s commitment to diversity and educational success for all students. It has a long history of achieving these goals and has a well-developed academic support infrastructure.

The second is Temple’s location in the greater Philadelphia region with its concentration of science-based companies and research institutions, all of which can serve as potential employers of project graduates.

The third is that the project’s specific focus on computational science — the rapidly growing multi-disciplinary field that uses advanced computing and data analysis to understand and solve complex problems in ways that complement the traditional pillars of experimentation and theory — is directly aligned with occupational needs in the region.