In its first year at Temple University, the Emerging STEM Scholars Program reaches out to incoming College of Science and Technology freshman who are majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Biology.

This program provides financial and academic support to promising students, equipping them with the resources they need to succeed in science and tech fields. This program will create two science learning communities, each with 24 to 30 students. Each community will participate in a four-year curriculum of one-credit, mentor driven courses as well as a variety of outside activities including:

  • major-related seminars
  • mentoring from peers, graduate students, and faculty
  • direct assistance from university academic support centers
  • opportunities for early laboratory experience and industry internships
  • regular contact from scientists themselves
Our belief is that students’ desire to become STEM professionals starts with connections with scientists and is sustained through engaging and exciting science-related content.

As an Emerging STEM Scholar, students will gain hands-on experience within the field of their major. Through the experiences gained through the program, our goal is to encourage students to pursue a scientific career or graduate education after their graduation from the College of Science and Technology.


The National Science Foundation plays an important role in providing funding and scholarships to students and universities. The Emerging STEM Scholars program is a project created by Temple University and funded by NSF in an effort to encourage retention within STEM majors as well as student success within those majors.