Assistant Professor Elise Chor joins the Political Science department after receiving a Master of Public Policy degree and a Ph.D. in Public Policy Studies from the University of Chicago (MPP 2009, Ph.D. 2014) and completing a postdoctoral fellowship at Northwestern University’s Institute for Policy Research. Dr. Chor’s research draws on economic and developmental perspectives to consider the interactions among families, government, and the early childhood education market. Her work measures the impacts of universal and targeted public preschool programs on childcare quality, parents’ childcare and employment decision-making, family processes, and ultimately child development, with a focus on low-income families. Current research projects include investigations of prekindergarten finance policy, two-generation education interventions, public assistance programs, and childhood and multigenerational poverty. Dr. Chor will teach courses in U.S. social policy, in particular education policy, in addition to methods courses in statistics and research design.

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    444 Gladfelter Hall
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    Email: elise.chor@temple.edu

    Office Phone: 215-204-7796