From Our Students


COHORT 2: 2019-2020

“TES has made it possible for me to stay on top of my college deadlines.”

“I was invited to guest lecture a college course that fits into my college major.”

“I gained not only important networking skills but also a great support system.”

“Through TES, I gained the resource of having a mentor and I value it because having a person to aid you in situations you have difficulty in or just having someone to check up on you daily is really touching.”


COHORT 1: 2018-2019

“…I would say that the staff is extremely supportive. It gave me an early college experience so I know what to expect during my transition to college. …I’ve grown to love the other seniors in this program and that made my experience better.”

“I was interested in education and the teaching professions, but was hesitant to pursue it.”

“I value the educational and teaching profession even more. In addition, I learned that education is an important factor in peoples’ life as it impact society and the individual.”

“…I would tell them to use their resources to the best of their abilities. I know a big mistake that I’ve made in the past was not scheduling office hours or reaching out to my professors or TA & TMs to get extra help…work on assignments earlier so that it can be turned in with the best quality it could have as opposed to rushing assignments….”