Growth Plan

Student Teacher Growth Plan

Download/print: Student Teacher Growth Plan [fillable pdf form]

  • The STGP can be initiated at any point during the semester by anyone on the Student Teacher Growth Team: Student Teacher, Cooperating Teacher, University Coach, Field Placement Coordinator, Associate Dean of Teacher Education, or another Temple University Administrator.
  • The University Coach will be responsible for supporting the Student Teacher through the STGP.
  • The STGP begins with a conference including, but not limited to, the Student Teacher, the Cooperating Teacher, and the University Coach.
  • This conference will begin with a conversation about the Student Teacher’s unsatisfactory progress in meeting the expectations of Student Teaching held by the school partner and/or the university.
  • The conference will continue with the development of a plan for the Student Teacher to meet the expectations of Student Teaching and the timeframe within which this is to be expected. Consequences for not meeting the expectations during the stated timeframe will also be discussed.
  • Those present in the meeting will end the conference by reaffirming their commitment to supporting the Student Teacher’s success.
  • The University Coach will submit a completed Student Teacher Growth Plan document to TK20 and will coach and supervise the Student Teacher’s progress towards meeting the goals outlined in the STGP.
  • The University Coach will check-in often (via phone, email, or additional classroom visits) with the ST and CT for progress updates and will possibly complete additional lesson observations.
  • The University Coach will submit any additional TORs to TK20.

The University Coach will alert the Field Placement Coordinator if the Student Teacher fails to meet the expectations outlined in the Student Teacher Growth Plan in the stated timeframe and/or fails to meet other expectations of Student Teaching.