Grading Guidelines

Student Teaching Grading Guidelines

Student Teaching Participation – 25%

  • Participated daily and promptly as a student teacher in your placement school and classroom(s)
  • Contributed meaningfully to the growth and student achievement of the students in your Cooperating Teacher’s classroom(s)
  • Regularly responded in a timely and appropriate manner to your University Coach’s emails and phone calls
  • Regularly submitted quality Lesson Plans to your Cooperating Teacher and/or University Coach by requested deadlines
  • Completed 4 (or more) Lesson Observations and Post-Observation Conversations with your University Coach
  • Met expectations of your teaching role (Small Group Facilitator, Co-teacher, or Lead Teacher) for each Lesson Observation
  • Made significant progress towards or successfully met stated goals for each Lesson Observation and, if applicable, your Student Teacher Growth Plan

Summary TOR – 45%

  • Your ability to make significant progress towards or successfully enact the Temple Teaching Standards:
  1. Deep Content Understanding
  2. Coherence & Continuity
  3. Real-World Connections
  4. Active Learning
  5. Critical and Creative Thinking
  6. Reflective Thinking
  • Participation in the Final Coaching Conversation

Cooperating Teacher End-of-Semester Evaluation – 15% (Pass / Fail)

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Classroom Environment
  • Instructional Delivery
  • Professionalism

A summative rating of D, ME, or EE must be achieved on the Evaluation in order to pass this assessment.

Final PDE-430 – 15% (Pass / Fail)

Criteria on PDE-430:

  • Category I – Planning and Preparation
  • Category II – Classroom Environment
  • Category III – Instructional Delivery
  • Category IV – Professionalism

A satisfactory rating (1) in each of the 4 categories, resulting in a minimum total of at least (4) points, must be achieved on the final summative rating in order to pass this assessment.

Possible grades:

94-100: A 88-89: B+ 80-83: B- 74-77: C
90-93: A- 84-87: B 78-79: C+ 70-73: C-
below 70: F

Exemplary student teachers may be recommended by their University Coaches for Temple University College of Education’s “Distinguished Student Teacher” designation.

Download/print: Student Teaching Grading Guidelines [pdf]