Wednesday Seminar Schedule

Note: This was a one-year only event. However, if you wish to learn how to run your own seminar, feel free to reach out to amity dot gann at

What: Educational Research talks
Where: Ritter Hall 201A (NOTE: this is a change in location from last semester!)
When: Wednesdays between 4 and 5:15pm
Why: To facilitate open academic discourse around current educational research being performed by students, faculty, and staff at Temple

Note: Light snacks and hot beverages are provided, please Bring Your Own Mug (BYOM)

Interested in speaking? Contact Amity (amity dot gann) or Shondricka (shondricka dot burrell) at temple dot edu

Schedule (updated April 13, 2017)

Spring 2017

February 1:
              Welcome Back!
Come hear about our plans for this semester and beyond, plus share your ideas for the Educational Research Seminar. In order for this seminar to grow and become a regular part of the COE culture, we know it needs to reflect the interests and needs of as many members of the Educational Research community as possible. Come and be heard! 

February 8:
               Special Joint Event brought to you by GOCOE and the seminar committee “Who’s Who in the COE”

February 15:
              Rebecca Hubbard Introduction to R
              Bring a laptop pre-loaded with R and R-Studio, plus data if you wish (preferably in CSV or XLS formats)

February 22:
             Rescheduled – please attend the TILES seminar Dr. David Kraemer “Neural Pathways for Learning and Reasoning – Towards an Understanding of Individual Differences” at 2:30 in Kiva Auditorium

March 1:
              4:10 PM: Jean Griffin “Practice, Practice, Practice, with Interactive Exercises (and Buggy Ones?)

              4:40 PM: Kevin Donley “Coding in the Curriculum: Learning Computational Practices and Concepts, Creative Problem Solving Skills, and Academic Content in Ten to Twelve Year-Old Children

March 8:
              4:10 PM: Laura Young “Numerical Magnitude Knowledge: Are All Numbers Perceived Alike?

              4:40 PM: Dana Miller-Cotto “Characteristics of Students that Benefit from Faded Worked Examples in Geometry

March 15:
                No seminar due to Spring Break 

March 22:
              4:10 PM: Maria Lorenz “Just-in-Time Corequisites and the Mathematics Curriculum”

              4:40 PM: Tim Fukawa-Connelly “Stepping up and stepping down: Situating advanced content for teachers in pedagogical situations improves many outcomes”

March 29:
              4:10 PM: Sarah Cordes “The Effects of Charter Schools on Neighborhood and School Segregation: Evidence from New York City

              4:40 PM: Amity Gann “Preservice Teacher Attitudes Toward Science and Science Teaching Based on Autobiographies” (practice talk for upcoming conference)

April 5:
              4:10 PM: Carly Champagne “Error climate in early childhood: How do preschool teachers respond to children’s errors during book reading?

              4:40 PM: Sue Kelley “Teacher Training Needs in K-12 Online Math Education

April 12:
              4:10 PM: Noelle Luccioni “Self-efficacy of Secondary Science and Mathematics Student Teachers”

              4:40 PM: Steve Fleming “Developing Teaching Tools for Organic Chemistry

April 19:
              4:10 PM: Annette Ponnock “Science Teachers’ Epistemic Cognition in Instructional Decision-Making

              4:40 PM: Olabimpe Abayomi-Ige “Topic: English Language Learners and Special Education

April 26:
              No seminar due to AERA

May 3:
              IRB Information Session


Fall 2016

September 28:
4 PM: James Earl Davis Intersectionality of Race and Gender in Education: Understanding the ‘Schooling’ of Possibility and Peril”

4:30 PM: Thomas Shipley Science of Learning in STEM Education and Practice: Expanding our understanding of cognitive science and disciplinary science through education”

October 5:
4 PM: Nicole Hallinen “Instructional backfires: The risks of over-scaffolded math and science learning materials”

4:30 PM: Allison Jaeger “Digging in to the layers: Considering the role of working memory in penetrative thinking”

October 12:
4 PM: Will Jordan  Leadership Content Knowledge for Mathematics: A Large-Scale Investigation of School Administrators.”

4:30 PM: Doug Lombardi, “Don’t Believe Everything You Think: Reappraising Judgments About Conceptions”

October 19:

4 PM: Carol Brandt  “New Research on the Design Studio as an Alternative Learning Environment for Transdisciplinary Instruction”

4:30 PM: Amity Gann Work in Progress: Preparing STEM teachers using a residency model **This will be a “lab group meeting” talk to demonstrate how graduate students, fellows, and others can share and discuss progress on their ongoing projects, even if at a very early state of development**

October 26:
4 PM: Janelle Bailey “Service in Support of Research: How AAPT Helped Me Improve My Scholarly Activity”          

Download Dr. Bailey’s slides here.

4:30 PM: Andres Bustamante “Preschool Science: An Ideal Context for Promoting School Readiness”           

Download Dr. Bustamante’s slides here

November 2: encouraging everyone to attend TILES seminar

November 9:
4 PM: Meixia Ding and Eli Barnett “Comparisons in the US and Chinese elementary mathematics classrooms” 

4:30 PM: Avi Kaplan “How does identity frame motivation and learning?”

November 16:
4 PM: Julie Booth “The Effect of Worked Examples on Student Learning and Error Anticipation in Algebra”

4:30 PM: Insook Han “Embodied cognition in STEM learning”

Download Dr. Han’s slides here.

November 23: Thanksgiving break

November 30:
4 PM: Nora Newcome Tentative title: “Spatial aspects of learning math”

4:30 PM: Jim Byrnes “Opportunities and Propensities: New models and methods”

December 7: End of Semester Networking Party! 

Questions? Email Shondricka at shondricka dot burrell @ temple dot edu OR Amity at amity dot gann @ temple dot edu