The Graduate Program

Temple University’s Economics Department provides its students with skills that prepare them for a wide variety of professions. Students may enroll in the Ph.D. or M.A. Programs.

A Profile of the Entering Class – Fall 2015

Ph.D. Students

  • Mr Chengye Jia             B.A. Shandong U. of Technology
  • Ms Sonia Karami           B.A. Shahid Chamran University
  • Ms Thanh Lu                 B.A. Clarion University
  • Ms Ashley McFarlane      B.A. University of the West Indies
  • Mr. Fatau Ouru-Bawinay B.A. University of Lome
  • Mr. Chanho Park            B.A. Ball State University
  • Ms Chenchen Xie           B.A.  Tianjin U. of Commerce


M.A. Students

  • Mr. Gabriel Franc          B.A. The College of New Jersey
  • Mr. Ryan Kearns           B.A. Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Ms Samantha Sweeney  B.A. Penn State University

DBMD Students

  • Ms Zhaosu Cai               B.A Nankai University
  • Ms Xingyuan Ma            B.A. Nankai University
  • Ms Yidong Mao              B.A. Zhejiang Normal University
  • Mr. Chao-Min Tseng       B.A. Shih Chien University


The DBMD Program allows students from select universities in Asia to complete their Bachelor’s Degree while pursuing a Master’s Degree at Temple.  For more information on this program, contact Temple’s Office of International Affairs.