Welcome to ECLS!

The Enhancing Communities Learning Series (ECLS) is a program of Temple University Harrisburg NEST. The series offers you a convenient way to learn about important and relevant issues affecting nonprofits while enjoying a meal with your colleagues in the community.

The Enhancing Communities Learning Series provides more than a chance to passively listen to presentations. We want you to be part of an interactive process of discovering new talents, opportunities and resources in the community – all while making the community more aware of your organization’s work. Each Learning Series session includes:Temple University Harrisburg NEST

  •  A meal and networking
  • A call for announcements about upcoming events, workshops and funding opportunities
  • A workshop on a topic germane to nonprofit capacity building or community issues 

The meal itself is just the beginning. This website is designed to become a dynamic community bulletin board to allow Enhancing Communities participants to continue the conversation between sessions. Please email Julie Shade at julie.shade@temple.edu if you have questions or would like to learn more about ECLS.