A Message to Prospective Students

If you are interested in joining our group and conducting research in power electronics and power systems, please feel free to contact Dr. Lu at or We will follow up with you on your inquiry or application soon through email, and schedule a one-on-one online discussion if needed. Local candidates are also encouraged to schedule a lab tour or an in-person discussion if interested.

For Prospective Graduate Students (Master or Ph.D.), please send your resume, all transcripts, TOEFL/GRE scores (if applicable) through email along with your inquiry. Please also indicate your expected start date. We consider graduate candidates all year round, while the start date is generally in August (Fall Semester) or January (Spring Semester).

For Prospective Undergraduate Students, please email Dr. Lu and indicate your interests. A resume detailing your relevant experience is recommended.

For Prospective Postdoc Researchers, please send your CV, three selected publications, and a reference list to Dr. Lu. Please also indicate your expected start date in our group.