ECE Graduate Course Offering – Signal Processing and Communications

Course Number Course Name Semester
ECE 5514 Digital Signal Processing Analysis Fall
ECE 8514 Applications in Digital Signal Processing Spring
ECE 9514 Adaptive Signal Processing Fall, even-numbered years
ECE 8110 Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering* As required
ECE 5512 Introduction to Digital Communications Fall and Spring
ECE 5562 Wireless Communications Spring
ECE 8512 Signal Processing and Communication Theory Spring, odd-numbered years
ECE 8526 Information Theory Fall, odd-numbered years
ECE 5033 Probability and Random Processes Fall
ECE 9512 Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory Spring, even numbered years
ECE 5022 Engineering Analysis and Applications Spring

*Potential topics: radar systems, array processing; compressive sensing/ sparse reconstruction, STFT