Not only has Trump picked a VP candidate who has openly advocated for discrimination against homosexuals, he refuses to admit that his language and behavior contributes to rape culture. He consistently disrespects women, but only calls out the actions of those around him while never fixing his own. Trump has disrespected me as a member of the LGBT+ community and as a woman, so I refuse to respect anyone who supports him. If you cannot see past yourself to see how his words and actions affect other people, then I will make no hesitation to remove you from my life.

Privileged people cannot ever understand what it is like to not have the privilege they are given by society. A man will never understand what it’s like to be a woman, a white person will never understand what it’s like to be a person of color, a straight person will never understand what it’s like to be gay. But these privileges should not stop you from speaking up. Just because you are gifted with privilege, does not mean that you should stay silent because the struggles of other people “do not affect you.” That’s just a coward’s way out. Yes I am gay and I am a woman, but I am white, so I can use my white privilege to speak out against racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, whatever it may be. Its not a difficult concept to understand. It’s just realizing that you should care about other people besides the ones that are similar to you. It’s just being a decent human being?

Debate #1

In short, it was an experience. Last night’s debate revealed new feelings for myself regarding the candidates, and I can only hope that it had the same effect on other viewers. In my last post, I mentioned my struggle to accept Hillary 100 percent, because I had taken so much pride in supporting Bernie and his liberal policies. But last night, I saw her in a different light. It was probably just because she was finally on stage with Donald, and I realized the level of importance that this election holds. But her responses and her appearance were incredibly impressive. I really looked up to this woman, and began to see myself in her position. I’m not taking the time to really discuss her policies, my response is a sort of personal one, but it still demonstrates how the debate turned out.

On the other hand, I still found myself to be somewhat disappointed with the debate. Watching it, I realized that Donald was acting the same way he acts in front of every camera: unprofessional and aggressive. And I realized that his supporters love him for this, so what effect is the debate going to have on them? At this point, the candidates are 50-50, and for the next couple of weeks every single one of their actions is detrimental to the outcome of the election. Knowing that his supporters love these traits that he so often displays, I don’t even think we have the chance to change the polls in Hillary’s favor, because they just don’t view his actions as inappropriate. They want to see him interrupt her. They want to hear his false facts. They want to see him act foolish, because they, for some reason, believe in him. It really makes me feel extremely pessimistic about the future of our country. But, knowing me, of course I’ll refuse the feelings to give up. This election is extremely important, and I’m going to continue to try in whatever ways I can to influence voters, but, despite the outcome, I will not give up on my dream. (cliche right?)

Maybe sometime between this debate and the next, Donald will do something to lower himself in the polls, but I really don’t find it likely.

Hillary’s Visit to Temple

Yesterday I had the privilege of being second row to our, hopeful, future president, Hillary Clinton. In the past few weeks, I’ve been confronted with my feelings surrounding this candidate. At the start of the election, I had been a supporter of Bernie Sanders, every millennial’s political dream. He had so much passion, and he had so many ideas that finally vocalized what we could only hope would be possible. But the primaries came and went, then the DNC, and Hillary received the nomination. I had already accepted the loss when she took the nomination, yet my admiration for Bernie remained. As I was saying, I’ve recently had to face how I feel about Hillary. I know its not that serious, but I cannot find it in me to support this woman with everything in me. Of course I’ll vote for her, of course I support, a majority, of her policies, and all of that. But I just don’t believe in her the way I did Bernie, or even Obama. I don’t view these men as saints of the political world, yet their actions seem genuine to me. Like they really mean it. They really want to see this change.

At the same time, I can’t blame Hillary. Her first elected position wasn’t until she was middle-aged. She’s not used to the political life: using different tactics to please the crowd and get the most votes. She’s a regular person in a sense. And for that I admire her. She’s been through so much having to stand by her husband’s side as he continued his political career, but she always created conversation with her own actions. She refused to be a sidepiece in a world that consistently favors men. I look up to her. And being present for her speech to other young men and women my age was inspiring. I hope that in my political career that I can gain such influence on the younger generation and the political world. I don’t want to be valued because I’m a woman, I want to be valued for my ability to educate, inspire, and take action.

Hello world!

Alright, hi! I guess I’ll start with introducing myself. My name is Emily Beatty, I’m 18 years old, and I’m a freshman at Temple University. This site is for a class that I’m taking in order to get one of my gen-eds out of the way, but I thought I’d make it fun. I really didn’t know what I wanted to make this site about, but it finally hit me that I could use it as a place to freely rant and discuss my political opinions, since it is my favorite topic. In addition to being a freshman, I’m majoring in political science and economics. My ultimate goal is to return to Baltimore, MD, my hometown, and enter the government on a state level. Eventually, I’d like to make it to congress, but for now I’ll stick to making mini posts on this page.

You might expect to see me post about different controversial topics or about a rally that I went to recently, but the site is entirely my thoughts and experiences. I don’t expect any comments on my posts, but they’re always welcomed.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll be sure to post later, though.