¥700 challenge #3

For the 3rd challenge, I went to the super market “Maruetsu” and bought…

sushi rolls and okra salad.

This okra salad with perilla leaf dressing was ¥213 with tax.

Again, I bought another salad with okra in it because I really love okra, and it taste good with this perilla leaf dressing and also there were also Chinese yam in it (which is also my favorite) so I enjoyed eating it.

This sushi roll was ¥246 with tax.

It has four types of rolls in one plate, and it mostly uses vegetable and Japanese pickles as an ingredients.

The first one was tuna, and it already has its salty taste, so there were no need to put some soy sauce on it.

The second one is “kappa”(cucumber) roll. The rice was with red perilla, so it was different as the other rolls. This was the most simple roll and the cucumber and the red perilla rice matched well.

The third one is the yellow pickled radish. this was also already salty, so there were no need of soy sauce.

The last one is dried gourd shavings. It was both salty and sweet, so it wasn’t my favorite but still it matched well with the rice.

So, you can enjoy different kinds of sushi rolls in one plate, which is cool and each of them have different taste so it is also fun to eat.

Also, I only had ¥459 in total, so I bought another snack

which is Haagen-Dazs ice cream with macadamia nuts.

It usually costs ¥294 with tax, but because it was on sale, it costs ¥268 and it doesn’t change much as the original price, but it was still cheaper than usual and also I need something to reach ¥700 so it was just perfect for my challenge.

This time it was ¥727 in total, and if the ice cream was not on sale, it would be ¥753 in total which is breaking my own ¥700 rule.

So, to make sure if I’m following the rule or not, I always calculate the total cost before I buy it.

¥700 challenge #2

For the 2nd challenge for the ¥700 rule, I went to Lawson and bought:

Soba with mountain vegetables and sticky salad.

And I also got mini Snickers (¥41 with tax) because, again, it was not enough to reach ¥700 and so I needed some snack to follow the rules.

The soba was ¥399 with tax. It had a lot of mountain vegetables and seaweed in it, and as you can see there  are a lot of noodles in it and so it’s hard to see the soup.

The soba used in this was just like the soba served in the restaurant ( I’ m saying this because some of the noodles in convenience stores are alike instant noodles) and I really enjoyed the seaweeds.

The sticky salad contains all ingredients that are sticky; okra, nameko mushrooms, and Chinese yam. Because I like to eat those sticky foods ( natto are also my favorite ), this salad was just perfect for me.

It also has vermicelli in it and it uses bonito stock as a dressing, so it was really light and healthy.

So this time, the total cost was ¥670 and it was cheaper than I thought, but I still get to have extra snacks and as I mentioned on the previous post, it is nice that I still have enough money to buy another snacks that I wasn’t able to do in the ¥500 challenge.

¥700 challenge #1

So, for this 2 weeks, I did a ¥500 challenge so my next thing is to do a ¥700 challenge for another 2 weeks and see what changes. The rule doesn’t change, which means ±¥50 will be OK for this challenge.

For the first ¥700 challenge, I went to a family restaurant “Gusto” because I had coupons to use.

and these are what I ordered:

Fried potato ¥376, grilled chicken ¥647, and rice ¥139. All of the costs are with tax.

It will be ¥1,162 in total, but because I used coupons for the fried potato and grilled chicken,

the total cost is ¥839. Plus, I have over 100 points in my point card so to be able to follow the ¥700 challenge rule, I need to use that 100 points in my point card which means I only need to pay ¥739 for this lunch.

So in total, it’s like I’m getting a ¥423 discount at once.

and the foods I ordered:

The grilled chicken was pretty big as I thought, and it also have little bit of salad.  The sauce used in this was garlic and tomato, which matched nicely with the rice.

I ordered the rice with small amount to be able to follow the ¥700 rule because the normal rice was ¥193 with tax, while the smaller rice was ¥139 and it changes a lot.

I also ordered this fried potato to able to reach ¥700, but I already had a big chicken and a rice, so I was full at the time I get to eat this fried potatoes.  But, what I found about in this first challenge of ¥700 rule is that unlike the ¥500 rule, I get to order other foods that are not rice and main dishes, but like desserts and snacks, and because now I need to reach ¥700 I’m almost forcing myself to order or buy another food which feels too much after doing two weeks of ¥500 rule.

So. let’s see what changes next.

Pentel cafe

I just went to the “Pentel cafe” in Tokyo, Ginza, and this is not related to any of the ¥500 rule thing, but I just wanted to write about this because the concept of the cafe was interesting.

This concept cafe presented by Pentel is called “rakugaki cafe” (which means doodle in Japanese), and the idea of the cafe is that we can doodle on pretty much anything in the cafe ( tables, floor, chairs, etc.)

It’s only for a limited time and it opens until 3/31.

↑ doodles on the chair


↑ the wall in the cafe

One of the interesting thing was that the menu of this cafe is also based on colors, painting tools and stationary that we use every day.

My personal favorite was…

This eraser-like cream cheese, which is not on the menu but you can order it for ¥321 with tax. The eraser sleeve on it is also edible ( it was sweet, bu I don’t know what was it made of).

There were other interesting foods and these are what we ordered:

The one on the front is “Poster color drink” (orange and pineapple flavor) and the one on the back is “whiteout drink” (soda pop with ice cream). Both ¥950 with tax.

Omelette rice ¥1,134 with tax.

You can draw anything you want on the omelette using different kind of sauce, but if you draw to much on it, it will get too salty (which I did).

” Chameleon stir-fried noodles” ¥1,134 with tax. They call it chameleon because the color of the noodle changes to blue to pink when you pour the lemon juice on it.

“Colorful fried chicken” ¥918 with tax.

There are four kinds of flavor in one plate:

black = squid ink

pink = chili sauce

green = basil

and the last one is a normal fried chicken.

“whiteout pancake” ¥756 with tax.

You can use this whiteout (white chocolate) to draw on the pancake.


They will give you one marker for free as a souvenir.

The cafe is pretty crowded on the weekends, but all of the food was colorful and delicious at the same time, and we really had fun doodling around the room.

The Pentel cafe closes soon so if you’re interested, visit this site and ask if there are still seats for you to go!




¥500 lunch day 3

For the 3rd challenge I went to McDonald’s and ordered a double cheese burger set.

The set contains double cheese burger + drink ( M size ) + Fried Potatoes ( M size ) and it costs ¥620, which is more than ¥500, but I used the coupon that I can get from the free McDonald’s app, and I can order this set at ¥550.

This app sometimes provides ¥100~¥150 coupon for fried potatoes, and I sometimes use it when I want some fried potatoes as a snack.

The photo of the double cheese burger in the coupon looks big, and it looks like it has so much ingredients in it, but the actual cheese burger was…

looks smaller than the photo. Of course the photo is for promotion so it looks good.

But, what I was surprised about was the fried potato.

It looks small for a medium-size fried potato, and I started to think this is not enough for me and maybe I should order some dessert after this, but once I ate it, the amount of the potato was enough for a ¥550 set ( or ¥620 without coupon ), and I got full soon which means I don’t have to order another extra dessert.

So this set looks not enough for an ¥550 lunch, but if you actually eat it, it has a good amount to be able to be full because of the potatoes ( large amount of fried potatoes doesn’t looks healthy though. )

By the way,

we went to a sushi restaurant in Ginza ( for a internet class field trip), and I thought it was perfect for my food blog, so I took several photos from the trip. It costs ¥2000 but it’ll not be included in the ¥500 challenge that I’m doing now.

The sushi were all delicious and it was the first time to eat in a proper sushi restaurant ( I always go to a ¥100 sushi restaurant ) so I really enjoyed both the taste of the sushi and the mood of the restaurant. I especially enjoyed the meat sushi with truffle oil on it, 

the taste was so special and I wish I could go and eat it again, but I don’t have enough money for such an expensive sushi so I’m hoping someone will take me to the place again.

¥500 lunch day 2

For the next ¥500 challenge, I went to a family restaurant ” Saizeriya”  because they have a lunch menu that costs ¥500 ( with tax) which was perfect for this challenge.

We can select one favorite lunch from this menu and it also has salad, soup and if you pay another ¥110, you can get drinks. Also there are free refills for the soup and we can change the amount of the rice (+30 with extra rice and -30 with less rice)

I chose grilled chicken with balsamic sauce, with less rice so the cost is ¥470 with tax, which is cheaper than the previous challenge with the noodle with miso soup.

The salad has also potato on the top, and I assume the dressing was aurora sauce ( but the restaurant calls it ” Saizeriya dressing” ). The salad was good for a cheap lunch, the amount of it was just right. I just ate a bit before I took this picture, so it suppose to have a little bit more cabbages on it.

The main was this grilled chicken with balsamic sauce ( with some vegetables ). Even though it tasted like the sauce used in the sweet and sour pork rather than a balsamic sauce, it was delicious and it matches with rice.

And the free soup was just a simple consommé soup. We can also add olive oil or pepper in it if you feel there’s not enough taste in it. Also it is good if you are not full enough with just a ¥500 lunch, but you don’t have enough money to pay for other foods, you can just drink this soup until you’re satisfied.

For this challenge I found that there are several other restaurants that has ¥500 lunch menu and I just wanted to try another few for it.

Also I’m running out of money ( because I spend money on watching a movie once a week in IMAX which costs ¥2300), and I need to save some money, so this challenge gives me a good habit to spend less on food because I normally spend about ¥800〜¥1000 at once.

So for the next one I would like to have another challenge with some convinience store food and maybe another restaurant with ¥500 just to compare.

¥500 lunch day 1

I’ve made a new rule for this blog, and for this 2 weeks I’ll buy my foods not more than ¥500 ( ±¥50 is okay) and see how much I can eat with this.


For the first day, I went to Natural Lawson and found this:

Noodle (udon) with Miso soup.  ¥499 with tax.

Because I made a new rule for my self, I can only buy this one for this day.

The cost is pretty expensive for a noodle from a convenience store and from it’s size, but I thought it was a good example to show how limited this ¥500 rule can be.


The miso used in this soup was dark-brown miso ( I didn’t noticed it until I actually ate it) which has a milder taste than a typical miso, and this was not my favorite. But this is the only lunch I’ve bought so I need to eat it otherwise I’ll starve.

It has egg, shiitake, spinach, carrots and chicken in it, and the noodle was a bit harder than I thought ( I prefer more soft noodles).

What I like about this was that the chicken had a soft taste of ginger, and and it was the best ingridient throughout this bowl.

By the way,


the smount of the noodle was so small and it was not enough for me, so I got another miso soup which was a leftover from last night’s dinner, and I didn’t spend any money for this so it will not be counted.

So this was my first challenge with the new ¥500 rule, and I thought that I chose a wrong food for a first challenge. Maybe I can get another salad if I chose a cheaper food, and for the next one, I’ ll  keep find how I can get full by only ¥500, but without eating any leftovers from last night.


For yesterday’s snack, I went to the family restaurant “Gusto”, and ordered a banana chocolate pancake because…


January 25th was the “Pancake day” in Japan!

They created this day because January 25th is the coldest day in Japan, and they thought eating hot pancake will make us warm on this cold day.

However, this banana chocolate pancake from Gusto wasn’t hot as I imagined. Maybe because the banana and the cream cheese on the top was still cold.

The size of it was quite big, so the pancake costs ¥646 with tax, which I thought was too expensive. But, it was pancake day so I didn’t care.

The part that I liked about this pancake was that the pancake itself was so soft and spongy, and it wasn’t too sweet.

However, it was thicker and bigger than I thought, so when I ate the half of it. I already got full and started to get sick of eating it. Maybe it was great if I shared it with someone.


For Today’s snack, I bought a gummy candy because I just wanted to eat something that is cheat and sweet and something I can eat in school.

¥108 with tax

As the name is called “SOURS”  it’s a bit sour, but also what I like of this gummy candy is that it is harder compared to other gummy candies, and I like the chewiness of it.

I like anything that is apple flavored,  so I bought this apple squash-flavored gummy candy, but I got disappointed when I ate it, because it tasted more like a cider than a apple squash.