¥1000 challenge

For the ¥1000 challenge, I went to a restaurant called “Yamaya”.

This place is famous for seasoned cod roe, and during lunch time, you can eat the seasoned cod roe and leaf mustard as much as you like with just ¥1000 (with tax).

There are also additional dish in this ¥1000 lunch, and you can choose it from the menu ( which I forgot to take the picture)

This day, I chose meat cutlet for the main dish. There are also miso soup , cabbage, and a vegetable side dish.

There are two bowls on the table that has leaf mustard and seasoned cod roe in it.

You can put it on the rice, or put it on the other food such as cabbage or meat cutlet.

You can also refill the rice for free, so it is pretty cheap for a ¥1000 lunch.

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