¥1000 challenge #3

For today’s ¥1000 challenge, I went to a curry shop called “Co Co Ichibanya”, because I really wanted to eat hushed beef rice and the only shop that I could find that has take out menu for hushed beef rice was this shop.

I ordered a regular hushed beef  (¥597 with tax) with mushroom toppings (¥206) which is ¥803 in total.

And it looks like this.

the amount of the rice was a lot compared to the hushed beef, so it was not well balanced but it tasted great.

Also, I needed to reach ¥1000 so I bought another spicy chicken from Family Mart.

However, this Spicy Chicken was only ¥145 with tax, and in total it is ¥948 which I need another ¥2 to complete the challenge, but, I decided not to have additional food. And this mean, I failed for this challenge.

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