¥1000 challenge #2

For the next ¥1000 challenge, I went to a Mexican fast food shop in Shinagawa station called “Guzman Y Gomez”,

and ordered a regular burrito set which has a medium-sized burrito and a drink. The cost was ¥972 with tax.

This Burrito + drink set is only for lunch time, and you can also choose other food such as quesadilla and salad bowls and add ¥100 drink (the drink costs ¥300 if it’s not in the set) to it. The menu looks like this:

This is what it looks like when you order it for take out.

For the burrito, I chose spicy grilled chicken as the ingredient, and it was spicy than I expected, so I will recommend normal grilled chicken if you don’t like spicy things. There are also beans, onions, salsa, and millet inside it.

The burrito looks small, but there are a lot of ingredients inside that will make you full.

If you ‘re not sure you can be satisfied with a regular burrito, there are a larger size burrito for ¥1200, and I haven’t ordered it before, but I’m sure it is big enough to get full.

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