¥2000 project in Harajuku

For this time, I went to Harajuku, and I changed the ¥1000 rule into ¥2000 so I can eat more.

For the first shop, I chose a crepe shop called “Sweet Box”. Because for the previous previous project, I went to a crepe shop and I wasn’t able to order a crepe, I decided to go first for this time.

But, as usual, I chose the cheapest crepe on the menu. Chocolate and cream crepe ¥340 with tax.

Because it is cheap, it doesn’t have any fruits and other ingredients other than cream and chocolate. However the crepe was crunchy and delicious.

For the next shop, I went to Calbee shop, which sells mostly on potato chips and foods that are made of potatoes. But….

At the time I went, most of the food were sold out and I was only able to order one thing which is

Potato Churro ¥210 with tax.

It was chewy, and also the price was cheap (cheaper than the crepe) but the quality was good. also the salt flavor was a good match on the potato.

The next shop I went is a cream puff shop called “ZAKU ZAKU”.

However, I don’t like cream puffs, so instead I ordered a different food which is…

Ice cream with cookie crisps. ¥450 with tax.

This shop is famous for cream puffs with crisps on it, and this ice cream uses the crisps used on the cream puffs. The ice cream it self was really creamy and it tasted like a whipped cream.

I only had ¥500 left, so for the last shop I went to a shop called “J BOX” that sells long potatoes in ¥500 with tax which is perfect.

There are many flavors to choose and I chose garlic.

It tasted like a sour cream rather than a garlic, and also the potato was longer than I expected.

So, compared to the last project, it was better to have ¥2000 to eat  around in Harajuku.

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