¥1000 project in Shibuya

For the new ¥1000 project, I went to Shibuya and see who much I can eat with just ¥1000.

The first shop I went is a fried chicken shop called “Kin no Torikara” (which means golden fried chicken).

I’ve been to Shibuya many times and every time I see this shop I was always curious about it, and I’ve never ate this shop’s fried chicken, so it was a  good chance to taste one.

The one I chose is the cheapest one ( because I only had  ¥1000)  which is ¥290 with tax.

The fried chicken is shaped like a stick, and we could choose our favorite toppings for the chicken. I choose the shop’s original spice and teriyaki. the fried chicken was crunchy and it was fun to choose the toppings.


I only got ¥710 left, and the next shop I went is a crepe shop called  “BUON de CREPE”.

It has a lot of types of crepes and drinks, and the one that I chose from this menu is…

Milk tea with tapioca. Again it was the cheapest menu and it was ¥280 with tax. Actually, I wanted to eat some crepes but because I want to go to another shop I need to give up the crepe.

The tapioca wasn’t bad, since I love foods that are chewy I really enjoyed it, however, the milk tea was too sweet for me.


Now I only had ¥430 left,  and the last shop I chose is a Pie shop called “Pie Face”

There were many kinds of pies (I forgot to take a photo of it) and I couldn’t decide which one to eat, but I finally chose one.

Because I only got few moneys left, I decided to not choose the cheapest one and use all of them at this shop, and the one I chose is seafood pie with tomato cream. ¥421 with tax.

It has a cute face on it.

The pie has so many ingredients inside it, and I was full when I was done eating it.

For the  next time, I felt that I didn’t have enough money to go around enough shops, so  I should change it to a ¥2000 project so I can get satisfied.


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