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¥1000 challenge #4

For the fourth challenge, I went to Shinagawa station because they opened a new restaurant from Soup Stock called “Odashi Tokyo”.

This restaurant specializes on Japanese style soups and dishes, and the menu looks like this.

I ordered a pumpkin soup with rice and small dish (¥980 with tax), and I was amazed because they provide all of this in less than 5 minutes, which was pretty fast.

The soup does smelled like a pumpkin, but the taste of the soup wasn’t like a pumpkin. Instead it tasted like miso soup with pork.

The ingredients inside are pretty much like miso soup with pork; radish, carrots, pork, and some mushrooms.

It really matched well with the rice, and I really enjoyed it.

¥1000 challenge #3

For today’s ¥1000 challenge, I went to a curry shop called “Co Co Ichibanya”, because I really wanted to eat hushed beef rice and the only shop that I could find that has take out menu for hushed beef rice was this shop.

I ordered a regular hushed beef  (¥597 with tax) with mushroom toppings (¥206) which is ¥803 in total.

And it looks like this.

the amount of the rice was a lot compared to the hushed beef, so it was not well balanced but it tasted great.

Also, I needed to reach ¥1000 so I bought another spicy chicken from Family Mart.

However, this Spicy Chicken was only ¥145 with tax, and in total it is ¥948 which I need another ¥2 to complete the challenge, but, I decided not to have additional food. And this mean, I failed for this challenge.

¥1000 challenge #2

For the next ¥1000 challenge, I went to a Mexican fast food shop in Shinagawa station called “Guzman Y Gomez”,

and ordered a regular burrito set which has a medium-sized burrito and a drink. The cost was ¥972 with tax.

This Burrito + drink set is only for lunch time, and you can also choose other food such as quesadilla and salad bowls and add ¥100 drink (the drink costs ¥300 if it’s not in the set) to it. The menu looks like this:

This is what it looks like when you order it for take out.

For the burrito, I chose spicy grilled chicken as the ingredient, and it was spicy than I expected, so I will recommend normal grilled chicken if you don’t like spicy things. There are also beans, onions, salsa, and millet inside it.

The burrito looks small, but there are a lot of ingredients inside that will make you full.

If you ‘re not sure you can be satisfied with a regular burrito, there are a larger size burrito for ¥1200, and I haven’t ordered it before, but I’m sure it is big enough to get full.

¥1000 challenge

For the ¥1000 challenge, I went to a restaurant called “Yamaya”.

This place is famous for seasoned cod roe, and during lunch time, you can eat the seasoned cod roe and leaf mustard as much as you like with just ¥1000 (with tax).

There are also additional dish in this ¥1000 lunch, and you can choose it from the menu ( which I forgot to take the picture)

This day, I chose meat cutlet for the main dish. There are also miso soup , cabbage, and a vegetable side dish.

There are two bowls on the table that has leaf mustard and seasoned cod roe in it.

You can put it on the rice, or put it on the other food such as cabbage or meat cutlet.

You can also refill the rice for free, so it is pretty cheap for a ¥1000 lunch.

¥2000 project in Harajuku

For this time, I went to Harajuku, and I changed the ¥1000 rule into ¥2000 so I can eat more.

For the first shop, I chose a crepe shop called “Sweet Box”. Because for the previous previous project, I went to a crepe shop and I wasn’t able to order a crepe, I decided to go first for this time.

But, as usual, I chose the cheapest crepe on the menu. Chocolate and cream crepe ¥340 with tax.

Because it is cheap, it doesn’t have any fruits and other ingredients other than cream and chocolate. However the crepe was crunchy and delicious.

For the next shop, I went to Calbee shop, which sells mostly on potato chips and foods that are made of potatoes. But….

At the time I went, most of the food were sold out and I was only able to order one thing which is

Potato Churro ¥210 with tax.

It was chewy, and also the price was cheap (cheaper than the crepe) but the quality was good. also the salt flavor was a good match on the potato.

The next shop I went is a cream puff shop called “ZAKU ZAKU”.

However, I don’t like cream puffs, so instead I ordered a different food which is…

Ice cream with cookie crisps. ¥450 with tax.

This shop is famous for cream puffs with crisps on it, and this ice cream uses the crisps used on the cream puffs. The ice cream it self was really creamy and it tasted like a whipped cream.

I only had ¥500 left, so for the last shop I went to a shop called “J BOX” that sells long potatoes in ¥500 with tax which is perfect.

There are many flavors to choose and I chose garlic.

It tasted like a sour cream rather than a garlic, and also the potato was longer than I expected.

So, compared to the last project, it was better to have ¥2000 to eat  around in Harajuku.

¥1000 project in Shibuya

For the new ¥1000 project, I went to Shibuya and see who much I can eat with just ¥1000.

The first shop I went is a fried chicken shop called “Kin no Torikara” (which means golden fried chicken).

I’ve been to Shibuya many times and every time I see this shop I was always curious about it, and I’ve never ate this shop’s fried chicken, so it was a  good chance to taste one.

The one I chose is the cheapest one ( because I only had  ¥1000)  which is ¥290 with tax.

The fried chicken is shaped like a stick, and we could choose our favorite toppings for the chicken. I choose the shop’s original spice and teriyaki. the fried chicken was crunchy and it was fun to choose the toppings.


I only got ¥710 left, and the next shop I went is a crepe shop called  “BUON de CREPE”.

It has a lot of types of crepes and drinks, and the one that I chose from this menu is…

Milk tea with tapioca. Again it was the cheapest menu and it was ¥280 with tax. Actually, I wanted to eat some crepes but because I want to go to another shop I need to give up the crepe.

The tapioca wasn’t bad, since I love foods that are chewy I really enjoyed it, however, the milk tea was too sweet for me.


Now I only had ¥430 left,  and the last shop I chose is a Pie shop called “Pie Face”

There were many kinds of pies (I forgot to take a photo of it) and I couldn’t decide which one to eat, but I finally chose one.

Because I only got few moneys left, I decided to not choose the cheapest one and use all of them at this shop, and the one I chose is seafood pie with tomato cream. ¥421 with tax.

It has a cute face on it.

The pie has so many ingredients inside it, and I was full when I was done eating it.

For the  next time, I felt that I didn’t have enough money to go around enough shops, so  I should change it to a ¥2000 project so I can get satisfied.