¥900 challenge #1

For the first ¥900 project, I went to a cafe called Dotour and orderd:

Milano sandwich with cheese and ham (¥450 with tax) and iced royal milk tea (¥280 with tax)

The iced royal milk tea was nice, and also the Milano sandwich’s cheeze and ham was a good match.

It also has tomato, lettuce and butter in it.

I didn’t get to ¥900 for the lunch, so for the dinner I got a instant risotto from the supermarket.

¥194 with tax.

When I opened it up, it looks like this.

I pour in the hot water,

and stir it until the tomato soup comes out.

after a few minutes the rice absorbs the soup and it changes to a rissotto.

It doesn’t taste like a professional rissotto, but it tastes more like a rice with tomato juice.

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