¥700 challenge #4

Since I’ve keep going to the convenience stores and super markets for this ¥700 challenge, for this one, I’m doing something different and break it into lunch and dinner. ( I’ve keep doing only for lunch because my mother cook for dinner and I don’t spend any money)

For lunch I went to Seven-Eleven and bought:

Korean stew noodle. ¥460 with tax.

Because I’m also doing it for dinner, I only bought this for lunch.

It also has Tofu, Kim-chi, onions, pork and green onions.

The soup wasn’t spicy as I expected, and the noodle was chewy and delicious.

And this is what I bought for my dinner:

This ” Onigiri-Maru” is a frozen ingredient made for rice balls. ¥213 with tax.

This is how to make rice ball with it:

1) place a rice on a plastic wrap. The rice need to be hot enough.

2) open one frozen “Onigiri-Maru” and place it on the rice.

3) place another hot rice on top of it

4) and wrap it.

5) so the “Onigiri-Maru” melts by the heat of the rice and now you can eat it!

I thought this was interesting because I never knew there were frozen food that are specially for rice balls, and it is also fun and easy to make, and it doesn’t take much time to make it so I think it is perfect for people who are too busy and have no time to cook.

The taste that I chose was mabo tofu, but there are  also other ones like curry and bibimbap, so I wish I could taste it all for next time.

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