¥700 challenge #3

For the 3rd challenge, I went to the super market “Maruetsu” and bought…

sushi rolls and okra salad.

This okra salad with perilla leaf dressing was ¥213 with tax.

Again, I bought another salad with okra in it because I really love okra, and it taste good with this perilla leaf dressing and also there were also Chinese yam in it (which is also my favorite) so I enjoyed eating it.

This sushi roll was ¥246 with tax.

It has four types of rolls in one plate, and it mostly uses vegetable and Japanese pickles as an ingredients.

The first one was tuna, and it already has its salty taste, so there were no need to put some soy sauce on it.

The second one is “kappa”(cucumber) roll. The rice was with red perilla, so it was different as the other rolls. This was the most simple roll and the cucumber and the red perilla rice matched well.

The third one is the yellow pickled radish. this was also already salty, so there were no need of soy sauce.

The last one is dried gourd shavings. It was both salty and sweet, so it wasn’t my favorite but still it matched well with the rice.

So, you can enjoy different kinds of sushi rolls in one plate, which is cool and each of them have different taste so it is also fun to eat.

Also, I only had ¥459 in total, so I bought another snack

which is Haagen-Dazs ice cream with macadamia nuts.

It usually costs ¥294 with tax, but because it was on sale, it costs ¥268 and it doesn’t change much as the original price, but it was still cheaper than usual and also I need something to reach ¥700 so it was just perfect for my challenge.

This time it was ¥727 in total, and if the ice cream was not on sale, it would be ¥753 in total which is breaking my own ¥700 rule.

So, to make sure if I’m following the rule or not, I always calculate the total cost before I buy it.

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