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Art and costume designs in oscar winning movies

There are lots of beautiful designs and arts used in the movies, and I would like to talk especially about arts in the academy winning movies.

The three award I want to  talk about is:

1)Best makeup and hair styling

2)Costume design

3)Best production design

First, the best makeup and hair styling. This category was made in 1981 after the oscars received complaints for not giving any awards on the makeup for the film The Elephant Man (1980).

This award is given to the makeup artists and hair stylists that have done great work in a specific film.

Suicide Squad was this year’s award winning film, and the three makeup artists, Alessandro Bertolazzi, Giorgio Gregorini, and Christopher Nelson was honored. Each of them also have worked as makeup artists in Skyfall (2012) , Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), and Deadpool (2016).


Secondly, the costume design.  This award  is given to costume designers and their work in their film.It was divided into color films and black and white films when it first came out in 1949, but they made it into one category in 1958.

The first film that got this award for color was Joan of Arc (1948), and Dorothy Jeakins and Barbara Karinska was the costume designer.

for the black and white, Hamlet (1948) won this award and Roger K. Furse was the costume designer

This year’s best costume design was given to Colleen Atwood, who designed the costume of The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016). Colleen Atwood have also worked on costume designs on Alice in Wonderland (2010) and the TV series The Flash (2014).


Lastly,  the best production design is given to films that has the best sets and interior designs.  It was originally called the “best art direction” in 1927, and it was named “best production design” in 2012, which is very recent.

There were 2 films that got this when this award first came up and it was The Dove (1927) and Tempest  (1928). Both film interior was designed by William Cameron Menzies.

The film that won the best production design this year was La La Land (2016),  with the art director David Wasco and the set director Sandy Reynolds-Wasco (they are working as a husband and wife duo). They’ve also worked on films like  Pulp Fiction (1994) and Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003).

¥900 challenge #1

For the first ¥900 project, I went to a cafe called Dotour and orderd:

Milano sandwich with cheese and ham (¥450 with tax) and iced royal milk tea (¥280 with tax)

The iced royal milk tea was nice, and also the Milano sandwich’s cheeze and ham was a good match.

It also has tomato, lettuce and butter in it.

I didn’t get to ¥900 for the lunch, so for the dinner I got a instant risotto from the supermarket.

¥194 with tax.

When I opened it up, it looks like this.

I pour in the hot water,

and stir it until the tomato soup comes out.

after a few minutes the rice absorbs the soup and it changes to a rissotto.

It doesn’t taste like a professional rissotto, but it tastes more like a rice with tomato juice.

¥700 challenge #4

Since I’ve keep going to the convenience stores and super markets for this ¥700 challenge, for this one, I’m doing something different and break it into lunch and dinner. ( I’ve keep doing only for lunch because my mother cook for dinner and I don’t spend any money)

For lunch I went to Seven-Eleven and bought:

Korean stew noodle. ¥460 with tax.

Because I’m also doing it for dinner, I only bought this for lunch.

It also has Tofu, Kim-chi, onions, pork and green onions.

The soup wasn’t spicy as I expected, and the noodle was chewy and delicious.

And this is what I bought for my dinner:

This ” Onigiri-Maru” is a frozen ingredient made for rice balls. ¥213 with tax.

This is how to make rice ball with it:

1) place a rice on a plastic wrap. The rice need to be hot enough.

2) open one frozen “Onigiri-Maru” and place it on the rice.

3) place another hot rice on top of it

4) and wrap it.

5) so the “Onigiri-Maru” melts by the heat of the rice and now you can eat it!

I thought this was interesting because I never knew there were frozen food that are specially for rice balls, and it is also fun and easy to make, and it doesn’t take much time to make it so I think it is perfect for people who are too busy and have no time to cook.

The taste that I chose was mabo tofu, but there are  also other ones like curry and bibimbap, so I wish I could taste it all for next time.

¥700 challenge #3

For the 3rd challenge, I went to the super market “Maruetsu” and bought…

sushi rolls and okra salad.

This okra salad with perilla leaf dressing was ¥213 with tax.

Again, I bought another salad with okra in it because I really love okra, and it taste good with this perilla leaf dressing and also there were also Chinese yam in it (which is also my favorite) so I enjoyed eating it.

This sushi roll was ¥246 with tax.

It has four types of rolls in one plate, and it mostly uses vegetable and Japanese pickles as an ingredients.

The first one was tuna, and it already has its salty taste, so there were no need to put some soy sauce on it.

The second one is “kappa”(cucumber) roll. The rice was with red perilla, so it was different as the other rolls. This was the most simple roll and the cucumber and the red perilla rice matched well.

The third one is the yellow pickled radish. this was also already salty, so there were no need of soy sauce.

The last one is dried gourd shavings. It was both salty and sweet, so it wasn’t my favorite but still it matched well with the rice.

So, you can enjoy different kinds of sushi rolls in one plate, which is cool and each of them have different taste so it is also fun to eat.

Also, I only had ¥459 in total, so I bought another snack

which is Haagen-Dazs ice cream with macadamia nuts.

It usually costs ¥294 with tax, but because it was on sale, it costs ¥268 and it doesn’t change much as the original price, but it was still cheaper than usual and also I need something to reach ¥700 so it was just perfect for my challenge.

This time it was ¥727 in total, and if the ice cream was not on sale, it would be ¥753 in total which is breaking my own ¥700 rule.

So, to make sure if I’m following the rule or not, I always calculate the total cost before I buy it.