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For yesterday’s snack, I went to the family restaurant “Gusto”, and ordered a banana chocolate pancake because…


January 25th was the “Pancake day” in Japan!

They created this day because January 25th is the coldest day in Japan, and they thought eating hot pancake will make us warm on this cold day.

However, this banana chocolate pancake from Gusto wasn’t hot as I imagined. Maybe because the banana and the cream cheese on the top was still cold.

The size of it was quite big, so the pancake costs ¥646 with tax, which I thought was too expensive. But, it was pancake day so I didn’t care.

The part that I liked about this pancake was that the pancake itself was so soft and spongy, and it wasn’t too sweet.

However, it was thicker and bigger than I thought, so when I ate the half of it. I already got full and started to get sick of eating it. Maybe it was great if I shared it with someone.


For Today’s snack, I bought a gummy candy because I just wanted to eat something that is cheat and sweet and something I can eat in school.

¥108 with tax

As the name is called “SOURS”  it’s a bit sour, but also what I like of this gummy candy is that it is harder compared to other gummy candies, and I like the chewiness of it.

I like anything that is apple flavored,  so I bought this apple squash-flavored gummy candy, but I got disappointed when I ate it, because it tasted more like a cider than a apple squash.


lunch and salads

January 24th

I went to Seven-eleven for lunch and bought these:
Cobb salad and noodle. The costs are both ¥398 with tax.
I bought this noodle because my father was eating this same noodle on the other day, and it looked so delicious that it made me want to buy as my lunch, and also noodles are one of my favorite food.

This noodle is called ” Houtou” in Japanese, and it’s a local food in Yamanashi that looks like a thick udon.
It needs to be cooked in a microwave before I can eat.
And this is how it looks after it’s cooked.

The noodles are thick and chewy, which is my favorite, and also there are a bunch of vegetables such as carrot, radish, potato and other ingredients like konjak, so it was fun to eat. But I got too full and I didn’t drink the whole soup.

Cobb salad is also one of my favorite food, but the reason I bought this is because I ate another Cobb salad from Family Mart yesterday, and I wanted to compare which one is my favorite.
I felt like ¥398 is a bit expensive for a salad from convinience store, but it has a lot of ingridients like chicken and avocado and corns in it.
Compared to the Cobb salad from Family Mart, the Cobb salad from Seven-eleven have almost the same ingridients with Family Mart. The one thing that wa different was that the cabbage was shredded.

There were also cabbage that are not shredded, and I like the balance of these cabbages

However, the onion in this salad made it taste of a bitterness, and also I personally liked more from the dressing in the Family Mart’s Cobb salad.

So overall, I liked the Cobb salad from Famil Mart.


January 26th

For today’s lunch I bought the Cobb salad from Famiy Mart, again, and also…

spaghetti with tuna and tomato sauce, and onigiri (rice ball) with crab meat.

The onigiri was ¥198 with tax.

Because I like sea food, when I first saw this I felt that I must buy this and try, but when I ate it,

There were only few crab meat in it. But it was delicious.


The spaghetti was ¥450 with tax.

eventhough it was a bit salty for me, the tuna and the tomato sauce made a good combination and I’m sure I will buy this again when I go to Family Mart for the next time.



And finally, the Cobb salad. This costs ¥498 with tax, and it’s ¥100 expensive compared to the Cobb salad from Seven-eleven.

what is different from Seven-eleven’s Cobb salad is that the cabbage is not shredded, and also there are no avocado and corns ( which is sad ), but has cheese and potato and tomato.

It was kind of fun to pour all these ingredients into the bowl.

also the dressing from Family Mart is a bit spicier than Seven-eleven’s.

I wish I could find another Cobb salad from another restaurant or a shop.