Ryan S. Eanes
TU COVID-19 alert screenshot

Teaching through COVID-19

Admittedly, the remainder of this semester is going to be a challenge for hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of college students and their professors, but let’s think of the upsides.

Just like so many other universities across the school (and around the world, for that matter), Temple has decided to suspend in-person classes starting on Monday of next week, though the effects of the decision are already being felt today in terms of attendance.

Students are already packing up and some are even already home; consequently, I received something like half a dozen emails from students telling me that they wouldn’t be present today. Unsurprisingly, in my 9 AM class this morning, I had only 11 students out of the 34 that are enrolled. My 11 AM class was slightly better attended, with 13 of 28 present.