Ryan S. Eanes

Looking backward, moving forward

I can’t remember who exactly I was talking to a few weeks ago about this website–I had mentioned to this person that it (this site) had come up in a recent conversation I’d had at work, which was strange, given that for months if not longer there has been literally nothing posted here aside from an “About Me” page that I half-heartedly updated after installing WordPress on this domain for the umpteenth time. But I made the off-hand comment that I felt like we (as a community of internet users, as much as a relatively anonymous mass can be considered a “community”) had lost something since the earliest days of blogging–perhaps you recall when Blogger was new and novel, or WordPress was still delightfully buggy, or those who weren’t quite ready to host their own site could still dip their toes into the water by using LiveJournal.

Yes, Blogger and WordPress and LiveJournal and a host of other competing platforms are still around–but fundamentally, it feels like the “golden era” of blogging has been over and out for years now. It used to be the case that everyone was jumping on the bandwagon to launch a blog; blogs were the “in” thing to do. Not so much anymore… blogs = words, and words = attention span required.

But is that a bad thing?

And is the blog truly “dead?” Or does it just require rethinking what exactly a blog is?

I don’t purport to have the answers to these questions; instead I offer them as rhetorical devices to try and (obliquely) introduce what I am going to try and do here, going forward. I have unsuccessfully sought for some time now a way to showcase in a quiet way the things that I am thinking about, items that pique my interest, stories that I think are important, and the like. Notebooks are great–god knows I have enough of them stacked all over my apartment–but they lack a certain public nature that a blog can offer.

So that’s what I’m going to try and do… I’m going to see if I can turn this platform into something that gives you a little peek inside of my brain, assuming that anyone is actually interested in the machinations of a thirty-something advertising professor. There is obviously a little bit of vanity involved, and I’ve decided I’m okay with that–because, after all, if an item I post here leads someone else to think a little more deeply about something, then who knows what the end result might be (…even if it’s just learning something new)?