Dong Wen


Coming from three generations of artists, I am a student at Tyler School of Art and Architecture. My major is Metal/ Jewelry/ CAD-CAM. In addition to my jewelry, I love working in 3D creating sculpture.

Like the ancient people’s worship of nature, I am attracted to all visual elements of fire. Fire represents movement and light. Thus, I am particularly focused on materials that are reflective or transparent.

My inspirations for projects are often based on what I experience; the main part of my works is storytelling. Once after I came back from an area hit by an earthquake, I made a brooch titled Adoption because I was extremely moved by the people who came there and adopted orphans. I did a project titled Praying for Peace after a traumatic experience; I am devoted to expressing the notion through jewelry that can benefit or alert viewers. Some books can change a reader’s inherent thought-form and give them a new or deeper understanding of a topic. For me this is similar to jewelry making. I strongly believe that every medium is capable of showing the expression in an interesting and moving way.



Temple university, Tyler school of art and Architecture

Bachelor of fine art, Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM

  • Spring 2018 Temple Rome study abroad program



  • Lamina Annual Jewelry Exhibition and Sale, 2019
  • Notte (Night) Gallery of Art in Temple Rome 2018
  • Selected Students’ Calligraphy Work in Cultural Palace of Nationalities in Beijing, 2013



Fabricator, Adorned Vintage Inspired Jewelry, May–Aug. 2018

  • Performed bench work


Teacher, Xilu Yuan Community, Beijing, China, Jun.–Jul. 2014

  • Instructor of fine art courses and drawing


Exhibitor Preparator and Museum Guide, Wanhe museum, Beijing, China Aug.–Sep. 2014

  • Arrange the exhibition
  • Introduced artworks to visitors and answered questions


Publishing Books, Nov.–Dec. 2012

  • Co-author of a book titled Still Remembering the Blowing Wind and the Cold Yishui River,
  • Drew the book’s illustrations



Rhino 6, Zbrush, KeyShot, Netfabb, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Office, Hand Fabrication, Enameling, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Stone Setting, Wax and wood Carving, Casting, Polishing, Etching, Mold Making, Flame Working, Glass, Clay, Resin, Acrylic, Wood involved, Chinese, English, Italian




Instagram: dong_wen_artigianati